Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Delta Plus .R - 2013 GBWC

This is my entry for Malaysia GBWC 2013; Bandai MG 1/100 Delta Plus.

First and foremost, I would like to credit Naoki for his wonderful Delta Plus featured in Dengeki hobby. The color scheme, blue and white, though is now being used by so many modelers, It's his work that really inspired me to go for this color scheme.

Besides that, would really love to thank my buddy in this face-off build: Shermen Lim, aka Zero1st (Zero1st Facebook Page) for his motivation and some whipping occasionally. Not forgetting the bunch in ICW who help decide a crucial design in this build. Not forgetting Lim Soo jin & Renny Dieh too! So nice of knowing u guys!

Basically, I have added a backpack from MG GP01(Thanks Micheal!), 2 wings from Age2 (Thanks again, zero1st n Genosider....@ssholes! :p), and build on top of Delta's original rifle into a gun bow thing...

 photo deltaplus-outlined.jpg

 photo P1010969.jpg photo P1010971.jpg photo P1010970.jpg photo P1010973.jpg photo P1010964.jpg photo P1010962.jpg photo P1010961.jpg photo P1010963.jpg photo P1010960.jpg photo P1010975.jpg photo P1010978.jpg photo P1010987.jpg photo P1010986.jpg photo P1010985.jpg photo P1010968.jpg photo P1010983.jpg photo P1010984.jpg photo P1010977.jpg photo P1010981.jpg photo P1010982.jpg photo P1010921.jpg photo P1010951.jpg photo P1010930.jpg photo P1010931.jpg photo P1010933.jpg photo P1010926.jpg photo P1010929.jpg photo P1010923.jpg photo P1010924.jpg photo P1010925.jpg photo P1010957.jpg photo P1010936.jpg photo P1010948.jpg photo P1010950.jpg photo P1010945.jpg photo P1010938.jpg photo P1010949.jpg photo P1010939.jpg photo P1010944.jpg photo P1010941.jpg photo P1010940.jpg