Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tamiya 1/12 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa WIP #1

This is my participation at the BBSTC (Big Boys Small Toys Club) Two Wheelers Group Build.

Overall, this Tamiya kit is simply so well designed and constructed. Looking at the usually hard-to-assemble motorbike kits, I would say Tamiya really did a fantastic job on this.

First, the construction is very well planned; it still consist of a little bit of the usual motorbike kit's need-to-stretch-your-plastic thingy, but overall it's good. the parts are accurately made; with pegs that is loose or just the riht kinda tightness at the suitable place. Besides that, the prepainted silver n the chrome..... What more i can say? I have got 3 people thought the body frame looks too realistic to be plastic instead of metal.

Ok, since it's just an OOB project, initially i wasnt thinking much about doing a work log, until some accident happened. Anyway, things will only looks good after paints are being applied.

So here it goes:


 photo P1011131.jpg

 photo P1011132.jpg

Just testing Gunze SM08 Chrome. To me, it looks pretty good in small parts like this :)
 photo P1011129.jpg

Engine and the body frame: Pardon the powder n finger prints etc. This is only half way assemble n i m wearing gloves. That explains the powder...
 photo P1011135.jpg

 photo P1011136.jpg

 photo P1011151.jpg

 photo P1011143.jpg

This is probably the only thing i custome made for this built. The original spring/piston is way too tiny. Hence change it to a aluminium rod and spray color...

 photo P1011139.jpg

Brake disc. Honestly 3D disv brake is just too nice to ignore....

 photo P1011137.jpg
Tyre and installation of the brake disv (though now is currently fell off T.T

 photo P1011142.jpg

At first, I really have no intention of using the chain part from this studio 27 PE set. But honestly, the real metal shine n color... i just can't resist! :p

 photo P1011148.jpg

 photo P1011150.jpg

Another PE, for the radiator.... screw up a little but by spilling super glue...

 photo P1011155.jpg


Whoa!!!! Accident!!!!

This is actually during the compound stage. I was compounding the parts. and since there s a lot of powder got stuck in the parts, i hv decided to soak the parts in water before i wash them off at the basin. However, I was in a rush to leave my workshop, which i totally forgot about it. the parts were in water over night.

The next day i came back n i realize there r something wrong with my plastic!!!!! darn, my bike just got chicken pox or something!!!!!!??????

 photo P1011144.jpg  photo P1011146.jpg

 photo P1011147.jpg

There r a few possibility that cause this:

1) Chemical in the compound. Prolongin contact with lacquer paint will induce a chemical reaction
2) Blue tag. Blue tag in water, somehow it has chemical reaction
3) Other modelers in the workshop. Nah!
4) the water is conteminated and it s carrying some subtance that will screw up my paint.

Overall, i think the possibility of blue tag having reacion is higher,,,,,,

Anyway, i have decided to strip all the paint to re-do T.T
In fact, dettol is attacking the paint pretty fast. It actually melted the paint n make them intosome sort of vaporised oil.... darn hard to clean. Finally i use Jif/Cif

 photo P1011152.jpg

So far this is it. Let's hope everything is fine from now on.... :)