Monday, May 18, 2015

Pla-Zone Resin Group Build Gathering @ ICW 16th May 2015

As usual, Jeff Ho would initiate a resin Group build every start of a year, and I really respect that.

This year, the gathering date was set on the 16th of May 2015, location ICW. There are indeed a few very eye catching kits, with pretty advance painting technique applied.

These are some of the photos i manage to get:

 photo P1011732.jpg photo P1011733.jpg
 photo P1011735.jpg
 photo P1011734.jpg  photo P1011723.jpg  photo P1011768.jpg  photo P1011737.jpg  photo P1011752.jpg  photo P1011761.jpg  photo P1011751.jpg  photo P1011738.jpg  photo P1011740.jpg  photo P1011781.jpg  photo P1011730.jpg  photo P1011741.jpg  photo P1011742.jpg  photo P1011743.jpg  photo P1011745.jpg  photo P1011747.jpg  photo P1011750.jpg  photo P1011748.jpg  photo P1011762.jpg  photo P1011763.jpg  photo P1011776.jpg  photo P1011778.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MITEAM - Neo_Sigma

* MITEAM: A short form of the phrase " Modeler In The Eyes of A Modeler". This is just a simple blog based on my personal view to pay tribute and respect to fellow modelers who i know as personal friend.

Name: Edwin Chong

Pseudonym / Nickname: Neo_Sigma

Usual Genre: Gunpla, Sci-fi, Plane, & all sort of other things

Description:  Neo, that's how i call him, even in real life when we meet. Again, this fella is my senior when come to being active in Gunpla community. When I first knew him, he's the most dedicated and passionate guy who's willing to drive all the way from Seremban to Setapak for

To me, Neo is a person with great passion in model making. He builds because he loves to, especially when u notice his relatively lack of interest in showcasing his work, or doing well in competition and such. A simple soul of plastic modeling: he builds because he likes to build. Who cares about showcasing or getting recognition?

Even until now, where his work requires him to travel from town to town on a regular basis, staying short period in some places far away from his home in KL; his work station (including air brush hand piece, compressor) are all in his car! Imagine a GBWC winning piece that is born like a gypsy! This definitely earn my respect!!!!

As a modeler, he has a solid fundamental, a good sense of mecha design, and one of the best skill in modification among my group of friends. Well, with 3 of these characteristics, Neo should be shinning in the community or even in competition; at least a lot brighter than now he is at the moment. However, the truth is, he is not. So, why?

noun a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition rather than ritual worship or study of scriptures."

Hahaha! First of all, for those who also knows Neo in person, this is definitely not to describe this women-magnet as a whole. This is to describe his attitude in this hobby that he loves.

To me, Neo probably is one the most underrated modeler among our group of modeler friends. It's nothing to do with his skill, nor his achievement in any competition; it is everything about him being like a fundamentalist in this hobby: building is merely for own satisfaction. Not because of wanting to showcase, not because of responsibility from group builds, not peer pressure, not competition. He just do his own thing, n if he is feeling lazy, he doesnt even showcase it out no matter how many will get to know him base on his work.

 photo neo 247538_10150204868781238_3272162_n.jpg   photo neo 1888593_10151957638341238_842906810_n.jpg   photo neo 267877_10151313874201238_1459980672_n.jpg   photo neo 23329_400831366237_2375254_n.jpg
Also because of this attitude, sometimes i am feeling a lil pity for him & his work in competition. Probably also because of all his traveling n lack of a permanent n proper place for modeling. I always see some top notch design from his work (of course, the finishing is also very high level), but the problem is, i also realised, many time, it ends there. Seems like he is not pushing forward enough for his brilliant work further to make them into something that stun the world. Well, i think he definitely has the ability to do that. But he just didn't.

Think of it, among the regular modeler friends of mine who enter competition, he is the most stress-free n free spirit.

I guess, after all, everybody has his own purpose in pursuing a hobby, an activity that gives satisfaction n happiness to himself. For this cool zen modeler friend, who possess some serious skill,  I just wish someday i could see one of his work that he really pushes it to his limit. I am curious how far he is actually capable of going. :)

Website: Not that i know he has any blog or website. Anyway, for more of his work:
Facebook :
or Pla-zone Forum :

P/S: When I talked to Neo about this post & asked him is there anything or any message he absolutely wants to add in, he requested to put in this"

"do your part to achieve world peace"

ok, let's repeat,

"do your part to achieve world peace"
"do your part to achieve world peace"
"do your part to achieve world peace"
"do your part to achieve world peace"
"do your part to achieve world peace"
"do your part to achieve world peace"

ok, afterall, he is a zen weirdo.