Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Delta Plus .R - 2013 GBWC

This is my entry for Malaysia GBWC 2013; Bandai MG 1/100 Delta Plus.

First and foremost, I would like to credit Naoki for his wonderful Delta Plus featured in Dengeki hobby. The color scheme, blue and white, though is now being used by so many modelers, It's his work that really inspired me to go for this color scheme.

Besides that, would really love to thank my buddy in this face-off build: Shermen Lim, aka Zero1st (Zero1st Facebook Page) for his motivation and some whipping occasionally. Not forgetting the bunch in ICW who help decide a crucial design in this build. Not forgetting Lim Soo jin & Renny Dieh too! So nice of knowing u guys!

Basically, I have added a backpack from MG GP01(Thanks Micheal!), 2 wings from Age2 (Thanks again, zero1st n Genosider....@ssholes! :p), and build on top of Delta's original rifle into a gun bow thing...

 photo deltaplus-outlined.jpg

 photo P1010969.jpg photo P1010971.jpg photo P1010970.jpg photo P1010973.jpg photo P1010964.jpg photo P1010962.jpg photo P1010961.jpg photo P1010963.jpg photo P1010960.jpg photo P1010975.jpg photo P1010978.jpg photo P1010987.jpg photo P1010986.jpg photo P1010985.jpg photo P1010968.jpg photo P1010983.jpg photo P1010984.jpg photo P1010977.jpg photo P1010981.jpg photo P1010982.jpg photo P1010921.jpg photo P1010951.jpg photo P1010930.jpg photo P1010931.jpg photo P1010933.jpg photo P1010926.jpg photo P1010929.jpg photo P1010923.jpg photo P1010924.jpg photo P1010925.jpg photo P1010957.jpg photo P1010936.jpg photo P1010948.jpg photo P1010950.jpg photo P1010945.jpg photo P1010938.jpg photo P1010949.jpg photo P1010939.jpg photo P1010944.jpg photo P1010941.jpg photo P1010940.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2014


ㄞ 有啥好怕)
唱吧 跳吧 疯吧 喊吧 笑吧 摇吧 动起来吧
HEEHA   我们出发啦


给我一个拥抱   我们一起喧闹
我们全都心照   起航时候就到      一个都不能少!


唱吧 跳吧 疯吧 喊吧 笑吧 摇吧 动起来吧


Friday, July 18, 2014


我就是  这样   不追究成果
我就是  那么   不爱被枷锁
我就是  不屑   说好却退缩
我就是  不要   我不甘示弱   嘿!   你管我

管你欣赏不欣赏   我的裙摆长或短
看你习惯不习惯   我的臭屁和嚣张
哈你期盼着太阳   我就偏是爱月亮

刻板的唱腔    注定被遗忘   我的Style就是不一样

我就爱  那样   自拍po微博(呛声和点火)
我就是  喜欢   爱宅的自我
我就是  不要   婆妈加罗嗦
我就是  不会   对爱不迷惑    拜托   要你管我

管你欣赏不欣赏   我的闹哄和拽样
管你习惯不习惯   我就爱自由奔放
史前恐龙的灭亡   你不赶紧去奔丧?

古板的荒唐   终究被冲淡   我的风格就是明目张胆

我就是  这样   说话不思索
我就是  习惯   坦白和赤裸
我就是  无惧   不是对就错
我不要  错过   这世界就是我!

要么   你跟我   要不   拜托  (要)你管我

Thursday, July 17, 2014


隐形掌纹的控掌    割不断命运牵绊
断魂吞命的自残    阻不着人畜豢养
绿色火焰的狂妄    模糊了深爱脸庞
开天辟地的莽蛮    灭不尽魑魅魍魉

揭一份真相    换一场审判    就人间哀伤
打一场死战    求一丝恤谅    还个荒塚葬

天地无疆    人间无良    居尔只为正义的伸张

金银血肉在分赃    贪嗔痴极其广张
阿不思爱的战场    无不其极入其网
命格裂缝中跌撞    离不开诅咒惆怅
置身先死的序章    揭开了不堪残状

灌满了愁肠    九命的保障    还人间希望
歇力的武藏    重生的辉煌    最终光黯淡

地冷天寒    迷途孽障    十三手指的漫天纷嚷

天灰地暗    时间不返     终成就了一千颗核弹

万念俱灰    百命藏麟
天医无缝    朝思暮想
大幸运星    逢龙遇虎
不死凶命    自以为势

背后灵     百无瑕     不知火     破坏神
死心眼     龙骑士     梦无界     大梦魔

七罪   吉星   血镇   回天   谎神   飞仙   残王   无双

(斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁 斩铁)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back To Basic GB - Wing Gundam Ver KA (Snapfit)

We had this GB 3 years ago, named " Back to Basic Group Build", which consist of snapfit n OOB categories. The purpose of this GB is mainly just, without stress, we find back the basics of our hobby, happiness.

I joined the snapfit category, and this s my first attempt in building a fine snapfit kit. Bandai's static model kits comes with plastic with colors; mainly for the hobbyist with lesser time to build their kits without painting. For me, this is an eye-opening experience. I realised to build Bandai's kit without coloring is totally a different set of skill required, from the usual painted kits I do most of the time.

One of the hardest part is to handle the plastic, especially the ones with darker tone of colors, with extreme care. This is because once u hurt the plastic, it s distorted, u cannot get rid of the whitish color on the plastic anymore. For a snapfit kit that one wants to avoid the nip marks visible, this is crucial.

I had made a simple work log on the handling of the plastic:  .

Overall, it took me about 2 weeks to finish the kit. snapfit n a layer of flat/matt top coat. Unfortunately, on my kit, there r still a few imperfections, a few visible white parts that r where the nip marks were. Besides that, because of my buying habit, many of my kits are pretty old, well, a few years old. For the plastic, a few years is nothing; but a dry transfer decal, it can be a killer. I was having some hard time with dry transfer decal provided in the kit n actually break some of them.... T.T

However, the best part of working on a snapfit kit is, well, u can play with it! XD


These are some random photos i took during the build. Not much to say, and not much point to make it into a wip....