Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#5

Continue continue, from Chinese New year break......

First, use back the Kyrios front skirting; added some inner skirt or whatever longest thing underneath it. All is done in the name of good-looking... hahahah, meaning no reason.
 photo P2272603.jpg  photo P2272604.jpg  photo P2272605.jpg  photo P2272601.jpg

Next, I am using this Kotobukiya Chainsaw part. Instead of just using some mesh wire, this gives me some slight variation in the shape. The only thing is i have gotta drill hole n put metal wire in between them so they r more controlled.....

Repetitive work alert....
 photo P2262595.jpg  photo P2262596.jpg  photo P2262597.jpg

Bend it like.... how i want it to be.... muahahahahah!
 photo P2262598.jpg

Put it on....  Connecting one end to the main body inner frame and another end to the extra inner skirt.

I always do this, i dont know why. My instinct kind of construction always put me into difficult assembly potential....
 photo P2272607.jpg  photo P2272606.jpg

Connect the "leg" part n see..... damn..... 80% of the thing is not visible anymore... though that is what i wanted, but being a cheapo CINA ah pek business man, when this happen, i feel like i was cheated by myself.... feel very 唔抵。。。
 photo P2272610.jpg  photo P2272608.jpg

Ok add another one on the right side, with slightly different way to hang it...
 photo P2272611.jpg  photo P2272612.jpg

Hohohohho, at least this one can see more......
 photo P2272615.jpg

Front view.... also nothing much. Damn!
 photo P2272616.jpg

Side view and back view (Si-Fat view)
 photo P2272617.jpg  photo P2272618.jpg


Next, the scythe, the stupid scythe. Why I choose such weapon?

Basically, just free hand drawing the shape on pla plate, cut it out, smoothen it. Everything is done in the most primitive and boh tak chek way...... oh yeah, 1mm pla plate
 photo P3022623.jpg  photo P3022624.jpg photo P3022625.jpg

two pieces of pla rod, drill hole. connecting it to a round shape rod is surprisingly not as troublesome as i thought it would be....
 photo P3022626.jpg

Cut out the part, ready for insertion..... please, let the thing be as straight as possible....
 photo P3022628.jpg  photo P3022629.jpg

Huhuhhuhuh..... not bad not bad.....
 photo P3022630.jpg

This round i think i will add some mechanical parts onto the scythe instead of leaving it as a whole piece of metal. Let's hope i dont screw it up........
 photo P3022631.jpg

Btw, CNY holidays are almost over..... T.T

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#4

 Here again.... CNY used to be a fantastic period for me to rush on any modeling project, but seems like this year i was back to work kinda earlier than i thought. Anyway, it is still a lot better than usual....

First, yeah, just photos of the back skirt i actually forgot to took wip photos.

I use an MG GP03, thanks to Honeymic for the kit. Just random slapping some loose detail part on it. Might not use in the end as it looks kinda lack of planning n design....
 photo P2272619.jpg

The inner part, just put some random parts and make a base for some extra thruster.....
The connector at the top is used to connect it to the main body.
 photo P2272622.jpg


No idea. Overall, i think the upper arm is kinda bulky n short, while the forearm i would prefer it to be much bigger.

However, i am pretty happy with the overall length. As a result, touching one part will result in some heavy, too-much-to-do modification onto the entire arm.

So, a honest note, i kinda have some idea how the outloook should be but too lazy. Unless i manage to find an easy way to do it. Else, this will pretty much be the final appearance.... hohohohoho
 photo P2132537.jpg

Change the palm with Yellow Submarine manupulator.

Two reasons for me in doing this:
1) I want  a nice holding posture
2) After playing with it too much, the fingers started falling off.
3) I have this new product which is epoxy putty in cream form. Eager to try it out.

As a result. FIXED POSE!!!!!
 photo P2142541.jpg  photo P2142544.jpg

Talk about consistency..... Right hand, i started working on Bandai's manupulator. Am i really that lazy? because the fixed fingers are very durable.
Added a piece of magnet to help hold the gun.
 photo P2142548.jpg

Another on on the gun..... Until this point of time, I suddenly realize, i forgot to take pictures of the hand gun!!! which is my right hand's weapon.... OMG.................
 photo P2142547.jpg


Next, Backpack!

If i remember correctly, this is a kotobukiya weapon set. Some claw thingy.... dont care, just use the middle part.
Saw off whatever is in the way!
 photo P2142546.jpg

With the help of copper tube, hold it onto the back. Taadah! Done! Fast n easy. Next will need to crack my head on what to put on it....
 photo P2192553.jpg

This is supposed to be the "backbone", which i got this idea of using aftermarket metal gattling gun chain ammo (Snake chain actually :p) from  Kriz Cook, thanks bro!

However, the result here is not as significant as his. But still, will put it there as it still looks better than the original yellow part.... :p
 photo P2192556.jpg  photo P2192555.jpg Another Koto part, a long rifle thingy for armor core. drill square hole, put a female peg in it.
 photo P2192552.jpg

Again, white color creamyepoxy putty to secure it!
 photo P2192551.jpg

left side, some unknown cylinder shape parts. Parts are from Bandai GBF
 photo P2192557.jpg

 photo P2262599.jpg

so much for now..... more photos coming.
YES, chinese new year is a very good time to speed up progress. My target s to finish up basic structure before March....