Monday, August 18, 2014

Aoshima 1/12 MotoCompo

MotoCompo. Probably a lot of young people wont know about this tiny cutie "trunk bike".

There are a few motocompo plastic injection kit in the market, but most of them them are a part of a 1/24 model car kit, like the tamiya's n fujumi's honda kits.

This is, however, a 1/12 stand alone kit.

As a 800yen kit, it's as simple as it can be. No clear parts, but chrome, for the lights, simple body and engine. If it is not because of my love of this tiny bike, probably I will not build it too.

All over fun project.

 photo P1011727-3.jpg  photo P1011716.jpg  photo P1011715.jpg  photo P1011714.jpg  photo P1011713.jpg  photo P1011712.jpg  photo P1011711.jpg  photo P1011710.jpg

Friday, August 15, 2014


一切预兆   牵手随着你奔跑

所有祈祷   跟着每一下心跳

这是我的所要   Oh Baby   这是我的依靠
我们一起真好   Oh Baby   你是我的骄傲

日夜颠倒   音乐都变成符号

就下一秒   身体每一个细胞

这是我的所要   Oh Baby   这是我的依靠
我们一起变老   Oh Baby   你是我的骄傲

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is something written by Bonnie, a long retired blogger. Sometimes I miss her a lot.
I could have never imagined it. Just a little sharing of her words:

(Original blog:

If Life has a voice.

If Life has a voice, then I would like to ask Her why do I only see clearly now? Is it because I was too busy enjoying my moments when all was fine and dandy?

Animangaki 2014

This is an event held in Sunway Convention Hall last weekend (9th & 10th August 2014). We have the honor to be invited to set up a booth/table for display for Gunpla community.

Well, it's all about anime, manga, toys, pretty much everything alongside of this subculture from Japan.

I would like to thank the team from pla-zone members: RennyD, Zero1st, Becky Customizer, Mr Engineer, Zapzai, & Phoon. Yeah, I rather address them as their forum nick than real name. It's Animangaki afterall, ain't it?

Especially to RennyD, for taking up the task of the organizer of this event, and had done a pretty good job!

Basically, we just jaga our spot,while most of other times just hang around the hall, buying goodies, chatting with people we met in forums & facebook, seeing new faces (more often with "Oh! u r so-and-so!! Nice meeting u finally!"), playing ichiban kuji (一番くじ -, and of course, loads of taking photos of cosers!

To my surprise, i found quite a big number of 偽娘(*wikipedia); for a country that is pretty conservative. However, the most fun came from people, especially, guys who r homophobic. The facial expression is just priceless! XD

Overall, despite of being really tired for the setting  up n cleaning up, I must say I really enjoy the 2 days!

Some photos from the event:

 photo P10101022.jpg  photo P10100772.jpg  photo P10100752.jpg  photo P10100703.jpg  photo P10100692.jpg  photo P10100952.jpg  photo P10100932.jpg  photo P10100562.jpg  photo P10100652.jpg  photo P10100332.jpg  photo P10100342.jpg  photo P10100192.jpg  photo P10100082.jpg  photo P10100442.jpg photo P10100452.jpg  photo P10100482.jpg  photo P10100492.jpg  photo P10100112.jpg  photo P10100502.jpg

Ok our own pla-zone coser..... Well, at least we tried.... :p
 photo P10100572.jpg

 photo P10100262.jpg photo P10100282.jpg  photo P10101032.jpg

Pla-zone members (Front from left: RennyD, Becky, Rayloke. Back from left: Zapzai, Neo_Sigma, Zero1st). We missed Mr Engineer. Engineer, where art thou?
 photo P10101272.jpg

This is more like it!
 photo P10101292.jpg

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Backup! 2008 diorama with Rx79(G)

This is a project I did in early 2008 for Malaysia mid year competition. Basically was just OOB, with enamel paint as paint chipping effects, and some soft pastel. The story is a reinforcement/supplies; hence the one dirty and one much cleaner RX79. Simple story, simple dio.

Try using woodlandscenic foliage for leaves n trees; fun.


总是以为    最终打赢这一回
谁击倒了谁   分道或跟随
幸福不会   因为腰带的光辉

总是以为    满地断牙和心碎
谁爱过了谁  血迹与眼泪
和平不会   因为狠绝的头槌

互相重击的绝狠   已变成   不用彼此的需肯
四角(方)擂台的围绳   竟变成   唯一牵绊的区分
总好过根本   不闻也不问

委曲求全的不忿   或许是   互相破坏的养份
残绕不清的悔恨   根本是   剩下唯一的真诚
到底是我们   相爱的见证

总是以为   锻炼好了就无畏
谁成了傀儡   光明的闇黑
安宁只会   因为拳套的对垒