Monday, August 18, 2014

Aoshima 1/12 MotoCompo

MotoCompo. Probably a lot of young people wont know about this tiny cutie "trunk bike".

There are a few motocompo plastic injection kit in the market, but most of them them are a part of a 1/24 model car kit, like the tamiya's n fujumi's honda kits.

This is, however, a 1/12 stand alone kit.

As a 800yen kit, it's as simple as it can be. No clear parts, but chrome, for the lights, simple body and engine. If it is not because of my love of this tiny bike, probably I will not build it too.

All over fun project.

 photo P1011727-3.jpg  photo P1011716.jpg  photo P1011715.jpg  photo P1011714.jpg  photo P1011713.jpg  photo P1011712.jpg  photo P1011711.jpg  photo P1011710.jpg

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