Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tamiya 1/12 Ducati Panigale 1199 Photo Archive

Ok, just photos, since i had taken more.... :p


 photo P1162341.jpg  photo P1162343.jpg  photo P1162348.jpg  photo P1162351.jpg  photo P1162353.jpg  photo P1162355.jpg  photo P1162357.jpg  photo P1162362.jpg  photo P1162368.jpg  photo P1162369.jpg  photo P1162383.jpg  photo P1222390.jpg  photo P1012320.jpg  photo P1012315.jpg  photo P1012317.jpg  photo P1012324.jpg  photo P1012323.jpg  photo P1012322.jpg  photo P1222431.jpg  photo P1222436.jpg  photo P1162350.jpg

1/12 Ducati Panigale 1199 Group Build

This is a small group build by a bunch of friends who somehow would like to build this Tamiya nicely done kit.

As a result:  (Hohohohoh!!)
 photo fb-cp1.jpg

After 4 months (with one month extension), from October 2016 , finally I would conclude I have completed this project. My previous bike kit is almost exactly one year ago's Zuzuki Gsxr 1000 Hayabusa.
Again, motorbike kit proof to be really a challenge to me, despite Tamiya's has been really good in making excellent kits.
Overall, the kit is just beautiful, simplified in a way which i have no complaint (Maybe except the battery XD), n the accuracy of parts is just top notch. Just that parts are a little too well fit BEFORE painting, which means i gotta sand down many places to make them looser before I proceed to painting.
After painting fitting is way too heart pounding experience to me though, especially doing a clean build, hi gloss somemore, needing to use quite some force to assemble the cowling is just way too scary.
This round I have invested quite a bit in after market, which normally the most i use is one set of PE part, I have used a Tamiya front fork detail-up set, and a top studio photo etch set.
Overall, I think i have done pretty much what i am capable of doing now, though i can easily see there r so much rooms for me to improve on my next build.
Stupid mistakes like mis alignment, losing small parts etc still occur.
Anyway, I am glad i have finally finished this. Not a very good build and i will continue to learn n improve. Any C&C are welcome!!!

For more photos of completed works:

For Work in progress photo:

 photo P1222437_1.jpg  photo P1222392.jpg  photo P1222418.jpg  photo P1222426.jpg  photo P1222430.jpg  photo P1222433.jpg  photo P1222412.jpg  photo P1222401.jpg  photo P1222410.jpg

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ducati Panigale 1199 WIP archive

This is a group build of Tamiya nicely made Ducati Panigale 1199. As usual, i do not keep any sort of record during the build. These are more like random photos i took during the process.....

Tamiya official Detail-Up Parts, mostly consist of the 2 front fork and a few parts.

Top Studio Photo-etched parts

Decided not to use Top Studio's full photo etch, for the center piece, i use back the original Tamiya part. At least it provides sufficient strength and accuracy is guaranteed. The top studio on is way too difficult for me to construct.
 photo P1012152.jpg  photo P1012153.jpg

Initially, I was thinking of using aluminium tube to replace the too-yellowish metal tube provided. As a result, have gotta trim down the diameter of the plastic part. However, scrapped the idea in the end.

Top Studio PE brake disc, however, the tamiya nuts comes in really handy!

These are just some random photos of the engine part. Gold is MrHobby SM02, Stainless Steel -SM03, Flat Aluminium - SM01 silver + flat base (which i think still a little too dark), Semi Gloss Black is Mr Hobby 1500 black surfacer
 photo P1012269.jpg  photo P1012272.jpg  photo P1012273.jpg  photo P1012275.jpg

Chrome parts, done by Alclad II polished Aluminium
 photo P1012278.jpg

The rim decal.... well, i screwed it up. So ended up masked it n spray with the color i like :p
 photo P1012285.jpg

Front brake caliper, was kinda worried about enamel wash because of the very tiny wordings. But it turned out great!
 photo P1012306.jpg

Can't really see the chrome effect at all.... but i kinda like how the clear red turn out...
 photo P1012307.jpg

More random photos.....
 photo P1012280.jpg  photo P1012281.jpg  photo P1012287.jpg  photo P1012296.jpg  photo P1012299.jpg  photo P1012294.jpg
 photo P1012305.jpg

For Completed Work photos:

More photos: