Monday, April 10, 2017

HG 1/48 Martian Successor Nadesico - Artillery Battle Frame Aestivalis

This project initially s a project i did to join the 2017 Tetsujin organized by HAG Singapore, n yes, it is one of the 2 consecutive FFK (missing the deadline ) projects i had end of last year n early of this year.

This is also a kit i choose to do again after the first one i made more than 10 years ago. The only comforting thing about this project is, i can compare it against my 10-year-old work, and realize i have indeed made some improvement over the years....

 photo comparison-2-2.jpg  photo comparison-1-1.jpg

After the pre-1980 released model kit GB, I had decided to make one kit to join in the fun in Tetsujin 2017 Singapore, despite knowing according to my estimation, I have just enough time to get it done, without any buffer time, & with a lot of stuff that i need to forgo. As usual, January's workload is outta my expectation, and i have had about one more week's work when the deadline hits.

About the model:

Basically I have made some proportion modification, as the usual old mecha kit, this kit looks kinda short n bulky. The first thing i did s to extend the waist, and upper arms. I d planned to do something on the feet too, to make them stand taller yet compliment the upper body proportion. Howeverm the feet isn't a straight forward kinda humanoid feet, the folding s designed to tilt n adjust the angle of the knees (the long range weapon), and also to hold n release the stabilizer at the back.

Since i find the original length of the feet actually aint too much  conflict with my modified upper body; and time's limited, i d decided to keep the original feet's proportion. Just minor mod on the joints.

Overall, since this is a simple project, not much to talk about except a few little things here n there:

Finally! I gotta use the aftermarket photo etch vent i bought dirt cheap years ago, and honestly, i love the effect.

The base is a total unexpected thing. Initially i was only planing a simple dried land with some rocks n minimal vegetation; in the middle, a friend was trying on making cracked land like in anime. So butt itchy, tried it out myself.  However, it was last minute, rush, and lack of planning; in the end, the effect aint exactly what i like, and worse, i forgot almost entirely  about the color until i have had set pretty much everything in...

Also please do not mind the main weapon, with 2 types of magazines. Hoho, just plain lazy to mod that....

Anyway, i realize i am really rusty in doing weathering now.. just cant get the feel of control brushes n paint as i used to. Gunpla's coloring process is just very technical n once u have the initial stuff planned out, basically can shut n relax the brain from making judgement during spraying. Weathering just suddenly reminded me that painting process i cannot be a zombie... Hahahahah

Anyway, the photos r below, C & C s utmost welcome!!!

P/S: BIG thank you to the good friends who aided me in this project, especially to Kirin to given me valuable advices on weathering.

 photo P4050228.jpg  photo P4050211.jpg  photo P4050216.jpg  photo P4050240.jpg  photo P4050229.jpg  photo P4050241.jpg  photo P4050243.jpg  photo P4050249.jpg  photo P4050246.jpg  photo P4050213.jpg  photo P4050219.jpg  photo P4050218.jpg  photo P4050285.jpg  photo P4050258.jpg  photo P4050262.jpg  photo P4050259.jpg  photo P4050255.jpg  photo P4050244.jpg  photo P4050257.jpg  photo P4050268.jpg  photo P4050273.jpg  photo P4050319.jpg  photo P4050292.jpg  photo P4050295.jpg  photo P4050294.jpg
 photo P4050234.jpg  photo P4050260.jpg

 photo P4050206.jpg  photo P4050209.jpg  photo P4050212.jpg  photo P4050217.jpg  photo P4050226.jpg  photo P4050225.jpg  photo P4050224.jpg  photo P4050254.jpg  photo P4050263.jpg  photo P4050266.jpg  photo P4050276.jpg  photo P4050278.jpg  photo P4050293.jpg  photo P4050326.jpg

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FSS GB: Wave 1/144 Engage SR3

This is a GB initiated in the early part of 2016, when a group of friends went to CKTan's model shop during a sale. Everybody was pretty hyped up and decided to have a Five Star Story group build in the end of year 2016.

My choice of kit is this kit by Wave; the 1/144 Engage SR3.

When the GB finally started, in December 2016, I was then in the midst of finishing the Vintage GB organized in HHQ (I couldnt make it on time though), and rushing for Singapore's HAG's Tetsujin Group Build. As a result, i just roughly dryfit the kit, without studying it much, before i went back to tetsujin's project.

It's definitely a painful lesson, for Wave's kits, despite this is consider on of their better FSS kits, the fitting and assemble mechanism is no where compared to Bandai's. The first problem I encountered during assembling the kit is i realized there r so much preparation work which i should have done n didnt do. Procedure n priority, which come first before another, are all screwed up, for i was simply following what the instruction manual which proof to be not exactly realistic in reality.

Second thing i would like to share is the main gimmick of this build; which apparently i failed to capture with my kindergarten photography level. I am doing a pearl that reflects blue on top of a blue/teal color. The main  problem i encounter is, while surfaces that has sufficient light to reflect, the blue  (from the pearl) is really magical, where parts that is not the highlight, the natural slight yellowish pearl, makes the color looks so dirty n muddy. I have yet to find a solution to it if i were to build something of similar color scheme.

I become worse, when all parts are joined together, which hightlighted surface is not the majority under normal light. It just looks muddy n dirty overall. If i were to put it in  a light box with various strong light source, i realize when too much of the blue reflection from pearl, our eyes tend to get numb n just find the blue aint as attractive as when we look at one single part. A little like mustard in food. A little bit will make our senses capture it, but too much, we just ignore it.

So in the end, i build a kit that is so loose in too many places (failed to join many parts together, just use blue tack or glue to barely make them stay in close proximity.; and looks dirty most of the time. Despite the dissatisfaction, i think i still have the urge to build another one, which i believe i could do better than this.

That's all for sharing. C & C welcome!

 photo P3290230.jpg  photo P3290228.jpg  photo P3290269.jpg  photo P3290235.jpg  photo P3290237.jpg  photo P3290244.jpg  photo P3290246.jpg  photo P3290249.jpg  photo P3290248.jpg  photo P3290240.jpg  photo P3290271.jpg  photo P3290231.jpg  photo P3290265.jpg  photo P3290262.jpg

Since i was struggling in taking photos, testing on various white balance, contrast, lighting n background, which most i consider failed. Here are some with black ground.

   photo P3250214.jpg  photo P3250216.jpg  photo P3250213.jpg  photo P3250203.jpg  photo P3250193.jpg  photo P3250200.jpg  photo P3250181.jpg  photo P3250167.jpg  photo P3290227.jpg  photo P3290224.jpg