Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday #2

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路途上,你遇见了不同的人。有的满怀理想,有的伤痕累累;有的与你并列而飞,有的擦身而过。与你同方向的,你们互相扶持;欲你坠地失败的,你避,你躲,你还击。一路上的血与泪,扶持与温情,你忍受与享受着视野开阔后赐于的种种体验。 有时你会迷惘,但你总没忘记拍着翅膀。一直都是。你在飞,你有要到达的地方。



你的家人呢?紧紧相随的伴侣呢?一路来一起战斗的伙伴们呢? 那些爱你及你说爱的人呢? 通通都无迹可寻。



这时,你看到在天际的远方,有一群正在飞着的小伙子;便飞,便打闹嬉戏;毫不吝啬的释放大量的活力。 你看着他们,低声说了你衷心的祝福。

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rackham Clone Nefarius

This is a Christmas GB project, for year 2012. This group build is kinda fun and scary at the same time: It's  agroup build where participants randomly pick the modeler he is going to give a christmas present to, and at the same time, receive one from a friend who pick his name. The main purpose of this Christmas Gb is to encourage and give a chance to modelers to try out new genre of kits which he had never tried.

Well, for a person who prefer to build it big, I'd got a war hammer miniature from Kong. Thank you so much bro! Besides that I gotta know that this is a special edition for the manufacturer's 1000th miniature.

This is a white metal kit. basically cleaning is pretty much simple as this is a very nicely casted kit.

For painting, the first time I use Vallejo acrylic for a full kit paint job. Learning about blending, highlight and such. The main mistake (I think) I made is instead of a white color base coat to enhance the game color of the body, I use silver. Yes, when there is sufficient light, the silver base does give  a very vibrant and lively color. However, when light is not abundance, the whole kit looks extremely dull.

The armor/silver part, I use Mr hobby Maziora, duo tone/color shifting, paint. Which the effect is quite subtle, but i just can help to love it. The silver part looks, silver, purple, green, all together in different angle. I did spray a little extra clear color onto certain part to further enhance the color, just that this clear color do not move, appear/disappear as the color shifting paint.

After that, since overall it's not that great of a paint job, gotta do some extra finishing/display to distract attention. Yes, I hv made n put it into a round glass globe.

This is a pretty exciting experience.....

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Melancholy Tale of Margaret & Her Cat

"The Colorful Furry Planet.

5 light years away from earth, there live Margaret and her cat Kolbasz Jazzie (Full name - Billie.Sidzlum.Jaqc 2nd).

Every morning, Margaret will lightly clean up her planet, remove any furry mold that bloomed over the night; after that, the whole day, she caress her cat with her hands. She loves to listen the snoring when he falls asleep on her lap.

One day, Margaret found Mr. Kolbász missing. She looked around the planet, trying to find him out. She went a few rounds, she kept finding hard; but Mr. Kolbász was nowhere to be found. As if he had just vanished in the air.

Since then, Margaret has no cat to caress. She had become too moody and have no energy to carry on her other daily routine. Little did Margaret knew, due to not using her hands, they were degenerating. Silently.

One day, Margaret's hands disappeared. 

Now, the whole planet is overflowed with colorful furry mold and Margaret, without her hands, could never clean them anymore.

~The End"

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Ok, this is a pretty badly written story. XD

This kit is a kit i got during my visit to Wonderfest Summer 2012. Sculptor unknown, but I was pretty impressed with her drawings she displayed at her booth. Hence the kit.

Basically is a one piece solid resin, and well casted.

I was trying to experiment n play a little with fluorescent colors. Basically, almost everything is fluorescent colors with a bit of normal color here n there to tone things down.

Another thing I was experimenting was Gunze's masking sol. Before this, I hate masking and I suck with masking tape. Now, confirmed, I suck with masking sol too... T.T

The fun part of this project comes when I try to give the figure a meaning, or a story. Was inspired by the book Little price; with all the mini-size planets n weird people he met during his journey. as a result was trying to build something like that. A Colorful n furry planet.

For the planet, i m using those man made decorative flowers (I still puzzle anyone would think a round shape furry ball a nice decoration piece though :p). Fur balls found in stationary section in Daisho (Stationery?) The acrylic stand is donated by Jeffho :p The Story was typed using a kiddo type font. Main reason is just that it looks like Japanese writing.

Overall, it is a very fast and fun project (ok, minus the one year period I left it in dust).