Monday, February 24, 2014

1/48 Sinanju Head USB 2.0 Hub

Since the Unicorn USB Hub, I had been wanting to do a Sinanju's. Finally manage to get myself one. With the experience gained from the Unicorn project, doing this is pretty much repeating the same thing again, except the construction for the Sinanju head does a little bit trickier than the Unicorn.

Overall is a fast and care free project.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Little Something

Finally i look into the mirror on the wall
It's not the crystal palace
that i saw

There is myself
skating on the truth of who i am
But i know, my love,
the ice is getting thin, as in anywhere else.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Resin Beauty

Since last October, due to the condition of my room (mainly), I have had stopped modeling.

Probably burn out from the previous project, or simply feeling lazy, I am still finding lame excuses to get my ass to engage into a project. Instead, just some snapfitting here n there.

Tonight, while i had just done with ICW's purchasing work, decided to get my hand dirty, no matter how unwillingly. Yes, this is the resin girl i had rescribed lines, did the first round of sanding, and primed; for the supposed to happened resin group build in 2013 year end.




Somehow, just can't get myself together. a little error checking and sanding, filling holes, pretty much i slacked again.

Rather not let the night gone in vain, since ICW was pretty quiet which means perfect time for modeling, i got myself digging stuff to build a base for the girl. Well, since i still gotta wait for the super glue to dry before i can sand them off....

This is what i could come up with. I kinda like it but it directly clashes with the color I have planned to paint on the resin kit. The good thing is, it will buy me a little more time to continue to slack.....

 photo IMAG0050_1.jpg

And this is a close up of the little pretty lady. I kinda like it, a lil unconventional , a lil wat-cha-looking-at attitude. Oh, no hand too.

Yes, my little grenade girl.....

 photo IMAG0052_1.jpg

Maybe I shouldn't even label this post under WIP..... just some random mumbling....

Friday, February 7, 2014


Huhu....4 days work.......

This is to practise the maziora paint which i was about to use for my next project. The paint consist of a layer of Revlon nail color, and on top is maziora #4.

I kinda like the effect :)
 photo P1010366.jpg photo P1010373.jpg photo P1010376.jpg photo P1010367.jpg photo P1010369.jpg photo P1010368-2.jpg photo P1010368.jpg

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2011 XGB-Ma.K Complete Vignette

This is a project for 2011 Christmas Group. The concept of Christmas Group build is mainly to let members n participants to have a chance to experience different genre in static plastic model. Honestly, it's quite a painful yet joyful event. Giving a totally unexpected gift to the person whose name u pick, n see how his jaw drops, well that's priceless :D

 Anyway, due to i had not fully completed a Ma.K kit before, juliuslim gave me this kit to experience.

I was trying to create a small vignette here with a simple story: A female mechanic was cleaning a really mud covered power suit and realise her fiance left a message for here on the suit. Well it was intended to be a sad story initially, with the boy was already dead during an operation. But, i failed miserably conveying the message as it ll be too complex for such a scene to tell the entire story. If i were to make it a pleasant surprise, i should have added the guy somewhere in the scene to further tell the story, which i didnt dued to time constraint n laziness.

On top of that, the concept of the suit almost fully covered by dry mud, makes the whole scene looks pretty undesirable. Fail #3. :(

This ll always serve as a reminder for me that good concept, not necessary can be converted to a good vignette.

 photo P1010989.jpg  photo P1010991.jpg  photo P1010991.jpg  photo P1011007-1.jpg  photo P1011010.jpg  photo P1010994.jpg  photo P1011001.jpg  photo P1010995.jpg  photo P1011002.jpg  photo P1010993.jpg  photo P1010997.jpg  photo P1010998.jpg photo P1011009.jpg  photo P1011003.jpg