Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2011 XGB-Ma.K Complete Vignette

This is a project for 2011 Christmas Group. The concept of Christmas Group build is mainly to let members n participants to have a chance to experience different genre in static plastic model. Honestly, it's quite a painful yet joyful event. Giving a totally unexpected gift to the person whose name u pick, n see how his jaw drops, well that's priceless :D

 Anyway, due to i had not fully completed a Ma.K kit before, juliuslim gave me this kit to experience.

I was trying to create a small vignette here with a simple story: A female mechanic was cleaning a really mud covered power suit and realise her fiance left a message for here on the suit. Well it was intended to be a sad story initially, with the boy was already dead during an operation. But, i failed miserably conveying the message as it ll be too complex for such a scene to tell the entire story. If i were to make it a pleasant surprise, i should have added the guy somewhere in the scene to further tell the story, which i didnt dued to time constraint n laziness.

On top of that, the concept of the suit almost fully covered by dry mud, makes the whole scene looks pretty undesirable. Fail #3. :(

This ll always serve as a reminder for me that good concept, not necessary can be converted to a good vignette.

 photo P1010989.jpg  photo P1010991.jpg  photo P1010991.jpg  photo P1011007-1.jpg  photo P1011010.jpg  photo P1010994.jpg  photo P1011001.jpg  photo P1010995.jpg  photo P1011002.jpg  photo P1010993.jpg  photo P1010997.jpg  photo P1010998.jpg photo P1011009.jpg  photo P1011003.jpg

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