Thursday, April 21, 2016

Malaysia Modeler League 1st Competition: Hero Vs Villain

Finally, after months of discussion and preparation, after almost a year in planning, this first event organized by Malaysia modeler League (MM) is launched.

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For the first event, we have decided to do a local scale model competition; for this time, limited to gunpla only. I am so happy everybody manage to stay humble and friendly and being very helpful to make this initial part a success. It is not an easy job i must say. This is mainly because, first, all the committee members are different Facebook modeling groups, with one admin as representative. Everybody has his/her own way of doing things, and it takes time for everyone to get outta their usual comfortable way in order to work as a team here.

Anyway, i am so grateful that everybody is so dedicated in making this happen.

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What is MML?

So one may ask, what is Malaysia Modeler League/MML?
MML is basically a league of people/groups getting together and make something happen for the modeling community. It is not an official group, society, club, nor kongsi gelap. People just get together when there is a need, volunteer.

Since the  Facebook has become the major social network in Malaysia, with the ease of creating a group, there are many modeling groups been formed. Different groups manage to get members, though there r many that join more than one group, people tends to be active in a certain group for various reasons and it is like a home for their hobby.

The idea of MML is to provide a hub for all these different malaysia modeling group to get together and create synergy. group admins are being invited into an admin group where everyone is able to see if there is anything going on; or if they have ideas of doing something it is easier to share it there n gather admins who r interested in taking part. Most group admins have experience in organizing events and activities, and MML provides them a chance to gather more people n man power to do something even bigger.

The Birth of 1st MML Competition : Hero Vs Villain

This 1st MML Competition: Hero vs Villain is one of them.

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The committee for this event consist of six Facebook groups: Mantakab toy club, Plamo Art Club, Gunpla Modeler, Gundam Malaysia Fan, Plamo etc, Pla Zone. There are other Facebook groups there r supporting this event even though they do not hold any committee post. Each committee holds a post and they have the final power of decidion for things that involves in it. So, in short, there isn't any hierarchy in MML. Just responsibilities.

As for the competition, this time we are doing something slightly different in judging n awarding participants, as compared to Bandai's competition style. For this, i will write another post specially dedicated for it.

Because of this unique judging, we insisted not to have online photo judging as we believe, photo will never able to do justice to any good builds. As a result, we have got to find a venue for everybody to display their work, and for the judges to give points to the work.

Venue: Thanks To Animangaki's Generosity

Fortunately, we manage to find Darren Lee Kar Hoe from Animangaki and being extremely generous, Animangaki is willing to share a portion of their space with us with absolutely no charge!!! A BIG BIG BIG Thank you to these good people!!!

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Animangaki is one of the BIGGEST anime, manga, and gaming event in Malaysia, and we r super thrilled to be part of it!!!

The official Facebook Site for Animangaki 2016:

In contrast, it means there will be a space limitation. As we do not know how well the reponse will be, we have decided maximum we will only take in 70 entries. So guys, if you are keen, do it fast, because the slots are first come first serve!!!

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Why Would Us Want To Collect Entry Fees?

There r also people asked me about the entry fee, RM20 we are collecting from participants. Why are we doing that?

First, and most importantly, because of limited space and such, we really prefer taking serious registration. If the response are good, we foresee there might be people who want to join but can't due to the slots are full. At the same time, we foresee some might just register n FFK in the end.

Collecting a fee will, as we hope, eliminate those who "just join with no intention of submitting"

Secondly, we also foresee there will be a certain cost involve, which we believe if asking the admins to bare everything, it might be a bit susah.

That's the reasons we are collecting money, which is something at least pla-zone  are not used to. But i guess we gotta learn about it, especially seeing pla-zone's GB's high FFK rate. :p HOHOHO

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Sponsorship: You Will Get More Than You Give (We Are Trying Hard!!!)

However, the money the participant pays, doesn't mean the participants just pay some money to join an event without getting any tangible things in return. For those who r curious, lemme break it to you: we have one committee post that is called Sponsorship (the post is held by one reputable facebook group, not sure they want their name mentioned yet).

The reason we havent announced anything is because we want to be 100% confirmed with everything first. Currently we are working hard in gathering material, and we try to hit the target of EVERYBODY joining the competition get some modeling related stuff back. So far, we are working hard on something like RM35 value of stuff. If this went through, not only memebrs can join a competition, they are like getting modeling related stuff with a discount of 40% from these shops.

This is not confirmed yet, but so far, i am very thankful to all the generous sponsors!!!! and not forgetting our sponsorship committee. They r really a bunch of passionate n dedicated modelers :)

We Are Encouraging Newcomers To Showcase Their Work!!!!

Why this time of the year?

Of course, one of the important reason would be Animangaki. We are using their valuable place for the event and that's the date where is hugh anime, manga n gaming event is held in sunway pyramid.

Besides that, it's something to do with GBWC.

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For date like this, we can almost expect those monsters decided to join GBWC will not have time for this event. In a way, we are also calling for those who are not joining this Bandai event to join us! This is especially benefiting to relatively new modelers, not only the time of the event, but alsoMML judging system. Therefore we hope more newcomers could join.

Come, this is a very good chance to showcase your work to the world!!!!

It's so far I would talk about the event in general.

I am just hoping this event will be a success,so that we can have more events like this, collaboration of Malaysian modeling groups, to benefit the modeling community.

See you guys!!! Whether u r a hero or a villain!!!

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