Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kronos The Harvester (Graze 1/100 .R) - COTT Build Off 2016

Seriously, I have no idea how this project lasted for 6 months, from March 2016 when I got the kit n officially call it of at end of August ... Anyway, as usual, pictures first, talk later.

 photo P9180007.jpg  photo P9180011.jpg  photo P9180010.jpg  photo P9180012.jpg

Overall Upper Body:
 photo P9180015.jpg

Lower Body:
 photo P9180016.jpg  photo P9180017.jpg  photo P9180019.jpg  photo P9180025.jpg  photo P9180028.jpg  photo P9180029.jpg

Left Foot:
 photo P9180030.jpg  photo P9180032.jpg

Part of Front and Back Skirts:
 photo P9180033.jpg  photo P9180040.jpg

Upper Body:
 photo P9180042.jpg

Shoulder & Forearm:
 photo P9180043.jpg  photo P9180044.jpg
 photo P9180047.jpg

Side Skirt:
 photo P9180045.jpg  photo P9180046.jpg

 photo P9180049.jpg  photo P9180050.jpg  photo P9180051.jpg  photo P9180053.jpg

Long Range Weapon:
 photo P9180056.jpg photo P9180057.jpg photo P9180055.jpg  photo P9180061.jpg

Weapon Scythe:
 photo P9180058.jpg  photo P9180059.jpg  photo P9180060.jpg

Back Skirt:
 photo P9180062.jpg  photo P9180063.jpg

BackBone: (a BIG thank you to Kriz for d idea!! :) )
 photo P9180069.jpg

Some other random pictures......

 photo P9180066.jpg  photo P9180067.jpg  photo P9180068.jpg  photo P9180070.jpg  photo P9180071.jpg  photo P9180072.jpg  photo P9180080.jpg


This is a project where i joined the Clash of The Titans Build Off 2016, initiated by Kenny Lim (ToyMaker) & Kelvin Zhang (Mr Dash). The subject is 1/100 Graze from IBO series. Initially was planning to complete it by end May of 2016, which, as usual, deadline is dead, so we gotta make a new one. In the end, i barely completed it by end of August 2016.

Wasn't planning out much for the kit; there r two things i would like to do for this project:
1) Despite i love mecha without feet, i have yet to build one. So this will be the project for that.
2) It is also time to build my first scythe weapon.

Yeah, simple n unambitious as that.

Since the build off is named "Clash of the titans" which to my impression, should be some greek mythology stuff; with a mecha holding a scythe, i just named it as Kronos (Cronus): One of the old Gods, Father of Zeus, the God of harvest.

Oh btw why Kronos? Merely because "K" & double "O" looks cooler than "C" & "U"

For modification, basically just kit bashing . Nothing much to shout about.
Feet- main part if Astray Blue frame's big ass gun
Back skirt - GP01
other stuff are just after market, leftover parts, and modification of both.

Color is the major disaster i encounter.

Initially was trying to get makoto kobayashi's art. It's like burnt metal (which is like a yellowish and darker tone of silver) together with a fade orange- yellow kinda gold (something like champagne gold). The whole thing, in his drawing, looks like all are metallic colors.

- The problem with mixing metallic is, first of all, one cannot see the color in the mixing container; until i really spray them onto a surface.
- Besides that metallic tone consist of metallic flakes and clear color, is very sensitive to the base color it is sitting one.
- Third, even when i got the individual tone looks delicious enough, when i put too colors together, it might looks like some kindergarten project (Well, i have absolute prejudice onto kindergarten kids' work). The tone, the reflective agent, the position of various colors, the visibility of it in different part of the mecha etc etc.

I had spent more than a month, a half pack of plastic spoons (reuse 2~3 times), just trying to get the color combination "right". "Right" doesnt mean what i love,  it just simply means it doesnt look that stupid.

And, for one, professionally i deal with colors, printing.

In the end, i have gone from a camo color scheme which i think is absolutely beautiful and daring, to something safe n "no so ugly". Gold and metallic brown.

And yes, some colors can only exist in 2D paintings and CG drawings.

Well, at least this round i confirm that Gaianotes flatbase is really fine enough to spray onto metallic colors n in a way, u can control the shininess of it. This is something Gunze, which with a much coarser flat base, can't.

C & C are welcome.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Modeler's trait: Patience & Perseverance. Really?

Often, I heard that when a modeler s sharing this hobby to newcomers, claiming that patience and perseverance are two main quality one should have in this hobby. Telling him how he should be patient when building a model, dont rush, do it bit by bit, day after day, before they could achieve n build something great.

By default, I have absolutely no problem with such statement n claim; i am a big supporter of these two qualities in a person.

But, (yeah, there is always this BUT) from all the backlog, abandoned projects, half build kits I have seen; "no mood",  "I have another better project,", "The fire is out" reasons I have heard around me; really makes me question: Why?

Someone d told me "When I was on fire or got very excited on it, ideas just flow in non-stop; and i can continuously work on it for hours, non stop. I just keep working on it until it's done." To me, this is neither patience nor perseverance. That is merely... on fire. Like having a adrenaline rush.

"So what will you do when u have no mood for the kit?"

"Well, I will just put it aside for awhile (awhile? huhu) Work on other kit first, then later will come back to continue."

Exactly! This is exactly what perseverance should mean! When u r on fire, u work on that kit for long hours, that aint perseverance; that is merely, well, normal.

Perseverance will only shows up when you have NO MOOD. When u have lost interest in a kit, u continue to do it at a steady pace, not giving up no matter how painful u feel; that is called perseverance.

Of course, not all half build, abandoned projects are lack of perseverance. There will be many factors in life that will lead us to temporary stop a project. Time, money, health reasons, change of career, new born baby etc etc. But, NO MOOD, is definitely not one of them.

 photo P1010512.jpg
(One of my own PG that i have "abandoned" for awhile. And that "awhile" is near to 2 years....)
What about patience?

As opposite to perseverance, patience is more often exist n required during the ON-FIRE time. You got so excited, ur vision is getting clearer, the pile of plastics is getting closer to what u have planned; or simply, u just having too much fun n prefer not to stop. Now, you remember it is time for you to stop. Be it any kind of reason: you hd been sitting for more than 10 hours n u need rest, is time to take your parents for dinner, time to goto work, time to exercise, time to get a life.

In this moment, if u tell yourself, yes, i have other priority and the modeling have gotta stop and call it a day. guess i will have to wait till tomorrow to continue finishing it; this discipline, is called PATIENCE.

 photo P9180012.jpg Oh yes, u gotta have the patience to take the necessary time: to let the putty fully cured, the paint fully dried before masking, plan n draw out with accurate measurement before u pick up you knife n "agak-agak" start cutting pla plate. or simply "call it a day" to get yourself some proper rest.

Again, there are too many cases i have seen. Even until the very last stage of building your presentation base, name tag, etc. If u can spend 6 months to build a monster mecha, u just cannot tahan spend another 4 weeks to do something nice to present it?

Get a Bandai stand and poke into the ass of your gundam; that, is the lousiest presentation i have seen way too frequently. Worse, I have seen works that has been spent months to build, which the modeler definitely has the skill to create a more subtle way to make the mecha looks like it is not touching the ground, but got the ass-stuffed treatment.

Oh, for the record, there r dioramas in gundam genre that 2 or 3 gundams fighting each others all got their asses stuffed with some pole.

So patience and perseverance, yes, next time we introduce these to newcomers, never harm to look into the mirror for awhile.

(Photo on left is another classic example of lazy modeler, spending months on modifying the mecha, but poke its ass with a stupid stand)

* This blog has no intention of being judgmental at all, it is just about my little opinion onto these two traits of modelers.
Besides that
, being a modeler who owns my fair share of abandoned projects and kits with mistakes due to "I can't wait", i am absolutely in no position to judge.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#6

 photo P6112728.jpg

Huhu, after absent for 3 months, here it comes a little wip update. Well, not much of wip to many, but this is something new to me.

In the past, i had nvr done this: assemble the whole thing after priming. This is mainly due to the way i construct my kit; too many small little parts that relies on glue during the final assembly process. Hence, a "temporary" assembly is a painful job for me.

Besides, due to my sweaty palm, and oily too, i usually refrain myself of touching the primed parts (The final stage, after initial rounds of error checking).

So, this is a very new experience for me, to connect parts together after primer; and well, i must say that the result is definitely mesmerizing, aside from the pain during assembling it.

Yeah, grey tone does immediately enhance the physical appearance of the kit. nice shadow to highlight all the detailings, and yet, leave rooms for imagination of colors. Probably the only drawback is the final colored one will not live up to the expectation after seeing the primed edition. Hohohohoho, but dont care, i am having fun here!

And probably i think this will not be the last kit i will be doing that: just need to adapt to this new process in work.

So here are the photos, of my 6th wip, which is not much of a wip....

 photo P6112657.jpg  photo P6112660.jpg  photo P6112661.jpg  photo P6112664.jpg  photo P6112665.jpg  photo P6112666.jpg  photo P6112668.jpg  photo P6112670.jpg  photo P6112671.jpg  photo P6112674.jpg  photo P6112675.jpg  photo P6112678.jpg  photo P6112679.jpg  photo P6112683.jpg  photo P6112686.jpg  photo P6112687_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112694.jpg  photo P6112695_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112699.jpg  photo P6112703.jpg  photo P6112706.jpg  photo P6112710.jpg  photo P6112722.jpg  photo P6112723.jpg  photo P6112724.jpg  photo P6112725.jpg  photo P6112726.jpg

Now this is part of the painful parts.... all the loose parts that i didnt put in.......
 photo P6112732.jpg