Thursday, September 22, 2016

Modeler's trait: Patience & Perseverance. Really?

Often, I heard that when a modeler s sharing this hobby to newcomers, claiming that patience and perseverance are two main quality one should have in this hobby. Telling him how he should be patient when building a model, dont rush, do it bit by bit, day after day, before they could achieve n build something great.

By default, I have absolutely no problem with such statement n claim; i am a big supporter of these two qualities in a person.

But, (yeah, there is always this BUT) from all the backlog, abandoned projects, half build kits I have seen; "no mood",  "I have another better project,", "The fire is out" reasons I have heard around me; really makes me question: Why?

Someone d told me "When I was on fire or got very excited on it, ideas just flow in non-stop; and i can continuously work on it for hours, non stop. I just keep working on it until it's done." To me, this is neither patience nor perseverance. That is merely... on fire. Like having a adrenaline rush.

"So what will you do when u have no mood for the kit?"

"Well, I will just put it aside for awhile (awhile? huhu) Work on other kit first, then later will come back to continue."

Exactly! This is exactly what perseverance should mean! When u r on fire, u work on that kit for long hours, that aint perseverance; that is merely, well, normal.

Perseverance will only shows up when you have NO MOOD. When u have lost interest in a kit, u continue to do it at a steady pace, not giving up no matter how painful u feel; that is called perseverance.

Of course, not all half build, abandoned projects are lack of perseverance. There will be many factors in life that will lead us to temporary stop a project. Time, money, health reasons, change of career, new born baby etc etc. But, NO MOOD, is definitely not one of them.

 photo P1010512.jpg
(One of my own PG that i have "abandoned" for awhile. And that "awhile" is near to 2 years....)
What about patience?

As opposite to perseverance, patience is more often exist n required during the ON-FIRE time. You got so excited, ur vision is getting clearer, the pile of plastics is getting closer to what u have planned; or simply, u just having too much fun n prefer not to stop. Now, you remember it is time for you to stop. Be it any kind of reason: you hd been sitting for more than 10 hours n u need rest, is time to take your parents for dinner, time to goto work, time to exercise, time to get a life.

In this moment, if u tell yourself, yes, i have other priority and the modeling have gotta stop and call it a day. guess i will have to wait till tomorrow to continue finishing it; this discipline, is called PATIENCE.

 photo P9180012.jpg Oh yes, u gotta have the patience to take the necessary time: to let the putty fully cured, the paint fully dried before masking, plan n draw out with accurate measurement before u pick up you knife n "agak-agak" start cutting pla plate. or simply "call it a day" to get yourself some proper rest.

Again, there are too many cases i have seen. Even until the very last stage of building your presentation base, name tag, etc. If u can spend 6 months to build a monster mecha, u just cannot tahan spend another 4 weeks to do something nice to present it?

Get a Bandai stand and poke into the ass of your gundam; that, is the lousiest presentation i have seen way too frequently. Worse, I have seen works that has been spent months to build, which the modeler definitely has the skill to create a more subtle way to make the mecha looks like it is not touching the ground, but got the ass-stuffed treatment.

Oh, for the record, there r dioramas in gundam genre that 2 or 3 gundams fighting each others all got their asses stuffed with some pole.

So patience and perseverance, yes, next time we introduce these to newcomers, never harm to look into the mirror for awhile.

(Photo on left is another classic example of lazy modeler, spending months on modifying the mecha, but poke its ass with a stupid stand)

* This blog has no intention of being judgmental at all, it is just about my little opinion onto these two traits of modelers.
Besides that
, being a modeler who owns my fair share of abandoned projects and kits with mistakes due to "I can't wait", i am absolutely in no position to judge.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#6

 photo P6112728.jpg

Huhu, after absent for 3 months, here it comes a little wip update. Well, not much of wip to many, but this is something new to me.

In the past, i had nvr done this: assemble the whole thing after priming. This is mainly due to the way i construct my kit; too many small little parts that relies on glue during the final assembly process. Hence, a "temporary" assembly is a painful job for me.

Besides, due to my sweaty palm, and oily too, i usually refrain myself of touching the primed parts (The final stage, after initial rounds of error checking).

So, this is a very new experience for me, to connect parts together after primer; and well, i must say that the result is definitely mesmerizing, aside from the pain during assembling it.

Yeah, grey tone does immediately enhance the physical appearance of the kit. nice shadow to highlight all the detailings, and yet, leave rooms for imagination of colors. Probably the only drawback is the final colored one will not live up to the expectation after seeing the primed edition. Hohohohoho, but dont care, i am having fun here!

And probably i think this will not be the last kit i will be doing that: just need to adapt to this new process in work.

So here are the photos, of my 6th wip, which is not much of a wip....

 photo P6112657.jpg  photo P6112660.jpg  photo P6112661.jpg  photo P6112664.jpg  photo P6112665.jpg  photo P6112666.jpg  photo P6112668.jpg  photo P6112670.jpg  photo P6112671.jpg  photo P6112674.jpg  photo P6112675.jpg  photo P6112678.jpg  photo P6112679.jpg  photo P6112683.jpg  photo P6112686.jpg  photo P6112687_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112694.jpg  photo P6112695_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112699.jpg  photo P6112703.jpg  photo P6112706.jpg  photo P6112710.jpg  photo P6112722.jpg  photo P6112723.jpg  photo P6112724.jpg  photo P6112725.jpg  photo P6112726.jpg

Now this is part of the painful parts.... all the loose parts that i didnt put in.......
 photo P6112732.jpg

Thursday, May 5, 2016

MML Competition: It's All About RESPECT! - Part #1 The Origin

MML 1st Competition Facebook Page link :
 photo 13047914_1067417729985505_2778455291932304479_o.jpg

The Glory Moment

 photo 281120102875 copy.jpg Since 2008 when I got my first time share of the podium, until 2013 when i call it a "retirement" in competition,  I had my share of the top 3 position in every Bandai organized year end event (Except 2009 which i was one of the judge n being prohibited in joining). So what respect I am talking about? Respect of prize winner he deserve? They don't get the respect they deserve?

No, not really about that. It's about something else.

One year when i was participating, there were a few entries in the competition floor which i think are very close contesting for a spot in the podium. 5 or 6, if i remember it well.

If i were to judge, these 6 pieces points would be very close; close enough to let the final little luck be the very crucial deciding factor. I was very impressed and awed by these entries and fully aware they r giving some fierce competition to my own entry.

Finally, the result were announced. As expected, 3 of them shared the joy n glory (n money, huhu) of being a spot on the podium. The judges had made their decision which I think wasn't any problem, for these 6 entries as i see it, points would be very close and the judges had got to pick the 3 they think would be on the podium.


 photo k.jpg  photo 6541390_orig.jpg  photo 494.jpg  photo CEiGHGwUgAAQNQQ.jpg

I Think They Deserve Respect From The Organizer

 Am i complaining? Or was I? No, I was one on the podium taking photos with nice Gunpla girls, banking in the 4-digit bank check, replying Facebook congrats messages, and busy selling off the special edition free kit i got. I was in no position to complain.

But, i realize something not right.

While busy shaking hands n talking to old n new friends, i realized the owners the 3 entries which I saw as great competitors, were there getting ready their carton box, dismantling their entry kit and getting ready to go home. No, there was no sign of unhappiness or sore losers I saw. They did congratulated me, laughed at jokes together; no complaints nor dissatisfaction rant or whatsoever. They accept the result/judges decisions gracefully, like real gentlemen.

But, i still think something's not right.

 photo top_title.jpg
 photo ER-1.jpgFor great entries like that, I think they deserve more; more than just there waiting the organizer to open the display cabinet so they can pack their work and go home. Of course, with works like that, they have gotten a lot of respect and recognition by other modelers; lots of photos r snapped, shared, and liked in social media. Many praises and reference taking from other modelers. To me, yes, this are the ultimate respect a modeler could get: the recognition, acknowledgement, adoration from fellow modelers; but why can't the organizer also give at least a tiny bit of that to the participants?

I am not complaining about the organizer. I fully understand it can only stretch its arms to a certain extend; it cannot please the whole world. What I am thinking, does the participants deserve to get some recognition from the organizer of the event they put in so much effort in participating? It would mean something to them.

This is because, not everyone join competition merely for the prize money; recognition and accomplishment are part of the many reasons too. Besides that, despite how veterans see the event being an event for boosting sales, many still see this event as a "competition" no matter how much they try to understand it. Sometimes people just cannot change their perception even though they understand the reasons.

The Birth of MML Concept Competition

That's when the MML competition concept blossomed.

After studying some competition and judging format of various IPMS (International Plastic Model Society) and AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) and I am impressed with the multi-award method they used in some of their events. It's a judging and award scheme that give credits to EVERY eligible contest entry. Awards are given based on the judges points, hence, every single piece that s judged will get an award, and the type of award is depended on the points the judges gave. Of course, they usually still have those special prizes for specially acknowledging very outstanding works, just like conventional Gunpla competition, but what got me excited is the first part of it.

I have written another post solely for the MML judging:

 photo bakucman.jpg  photo 63567dd6h729a6f82a8a5amp690amp690.jpg  photo img_6324_1.jpg  photo GX9_1977_JPG.jpg
At the initial stage, I had faced many obstacle introducing this judging scheme to the gunpla community. Members felt very alienated to these concept of judging. I even got into aggressive argument that "If there is no champion or 1,2,3 postition, that is NOT a competition" kinda stuff. I realized some sees the opportunity to feel standing in a higher position than others is important, and usually these people will reject the idea, which will somehow in general reduce the difference in height between them and other contestants.

 photo trophy.jpg However, luckily, Malaysia modeling community by majority are very down-to-earth and humble people. Despite facing some obstacle, there are also many who supported it. Those whole hearted wish for the best for the community instead of personal gain. For this I sincerely thank everyone of them. As a result, the last year and part of 2014, I had been introducing this judging scheme in various modeling groups  and with the help of these generous people (For their time, effort, and money), introducing this judging scheme to more member/modelers as an alternative scheme as to the conventional one.

So now, with help of many people, admins of various Facebook modeling groups, people who has influence and persuasive power, join force  in setting up this league of modelers (We call ourselves Malaysia Modelers League); we are trying to create something we might not able to do alone; the cross-Facebook modeling group event: the 1st MML Competition: Hero vs Villian.

Let's hope we can unfold a new page in Malaysia Gunpla Community history.

Please do join us and make history!!!!

For more information and enrollment, please visit our official page:

MML Competition: It's All About RESPECT! - Part #2 Explanation

 photo 12932731_1061806340546644_8923135800250215693_n - 2.jpg
MML - Malaysia Modelers League

MML is not a formal society, club, or even a social media group. It is a league of like-minded people getting together to do and accomplish something, usually can't be done by any of us alone.

Yes, just like League of the Extra Ordinary Gentlemen, Justice League etc Hohohoho!

MML Competition Judging Style

  1. MML judging is very different from the conventional Gunpla competition which consist of: position 1, 2, 3 (winners) and everybody else (losers).
  2. MML competition will award every single eligible work based on points the judges have given. This is mainly because we strongly believe, every piece of work, regardless of the modeler's skill, as long as he has put in effort in completing it, the piece of work deserve to get recognition by the organizer.
  3. We respect every piece of work!
  4. The awards are divided into 5 categories: Platinum, gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit
  5. Works are being awarded solely by the points given by the judges. We do not care how many get what award. As long as it deserve one, it will be awarded. So in one competition, there will be more than one of a certain award.
  6. For example, if it is a more serious competition, where everybody has put in more effort time, we will expect there will be more silver and Gold, or even Platinum award.
    If it is more of a fun build competition, we expect more Bronze and Merit award.
  7. Besides that, we usually do not take age  of the person or age of his modeling life into consideration. We give award merely based on points.
  8. In other words, the award are ONLY reflect on the work the modeler join in as entry. It doesn't reflect the modeler that much.
    For example, even in a very fierce competition situation, if your work deserve a Gold, it will get a gold  regardless of how many other Gold will be given to other entries. With a simple reason: Your work is good means your work is good. It will not drop or raise any position just because somebody else has more fantastic or worse work than yours.
  9. Same, if you r a newcomer, it doesn't mean because some veteran old farts (Huhu) joined, it means ur work has been pushed to a corner. Your work will still get awarded as it deserved, in the eyes of the judges, regardless of other people
  10. In short, it is a competition with your own-self.
  11. Some may even find it easier to understand by seeing it as an exam paper or report card (Personally, I. H.A.T.E. I.T!!! Hahahahaha)

We do the criteria and standard based on Bandai's Gunpla competition. The awards standard is as below:
  • Platinum - 1000– 971pts   Top notch work, it’s near perfection in the fundamental work, creativity and presentation. Work like this is an instant classic and modeler around the world will talk about and treat as reference and even benchmark
  • Gold - 901-970 pts  Outstanding work, with very few flaws in the 3 criteria. A work people will adore and remember would be one of the piece that win a spot on the podium
  • Silver - 900 – 751 pts  Very good work, may display some flaws in the 3 criteria. This may demonstrate that the modeler mastered the basic work but need further improvement, consider strong opponent in competition, definitely giving pressure to other competitors
  • Bronze - 750 – 501 pts  Good work, it would appear that the modeler avoided some significant errors, might not shining star in competition level, however it has its own characteristic that make it suitable for exhibition, display and sharing
  • Merit - 0 – 500 pts  Completed work, this award may display that the modeler have mastered fundamental work but lack in one or two of the criteria

The points are given based on these 3 categories:
  • Fundamental Works (350 pts) - Seamline, Nip mark, Surface finishing (paint job), Panel line, Decal, etc
  • Creativity & Modification (350 pts) - Color scheme, Modification, Scratchbuild, Kitbash, Diorama, Special effect, etc
  • Presentation (300 pts) - Photography (For future online judging competition), Story telling, Diorama, Display, Posing, etc 

For more information and enrollment, please visit our official page:
 photo 12998514_973749042661672_8952223821107565302_n.jpg

Google form for enrollment:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Malaysia Modeler League 1st Competition: Hero Vs Villain

Finally, after months of discussion and preparation, after almost a year in planning, this first event organized by Malaysia modeler League (MM) is launched.

Our official URL:
Our Registration Form: Google Form for Registration
 photo 12936708_1059926280734650_6378458578804640679_n.jpg

For the first event, we have decided to do a local scale model competition; for this time, limited to gunpla only. I am so happy everybody manage to stay humble and friendly and being very helpful to make this initial part a success. It is not an easy job i must say. This is mainly because, first, all the committee members are different Facebook modeling groups, with one admin as representative. Everybody has his/her own way of doing things, and it takes time for everyone to get outta their usual comfortable way in order to work as a team here.

Anyway, i am so grateful that everybody is so dedicated in making this happen.

 photo 13047914_1067417729985505_2778455291932304479_o.jpg

What is MML?

So one may ask, what is Malaysia Modeler League/MML?
MML is basically a league of people/groups getting together and make something happen for the modeling community. It is not an official group, society, club, nor kongsi gelap. People just get together when there is a need, volunteer.

Since the  Facebook has become the major social network in Malaysia, with the ease of creating a group, there are many modeling groups been formed. Different groups manage to get members, though there r many that join more than one group, people tends to be active in a certain group for various reasons and it is like a home for their hobby.

The idea of MML is to provide a hub for all these different malaysia modeling group to get together and create synergy. group admins are being invited into an admin group where everyone is able to see if there is anything going on; or if they have ideas of doing something it is easier to share it there n gather admins who r interested in taking part. Most group admins have experience in organizing events and activities, and MML provides them a chance to gather more people n man power to do something even bigger.

The Birth of 1st MML Competition : Hero Vs Villain

This 1st MML Competition: Hero vs Villain is one of them.

 photo 12898210_1091189950944938_6043692349138489118_o.jpg
The committee for this event consist of six Facebook groups: Mantakab toy club, Plamo Art Club, Gunpla Modeler, Gundam Malaysia Fan, Plamo etc, Pla Zone. There are other Facebook groups there r supporting this event even though they do not hold any committee post. Each committee holds a post and they have the final power of decidion for things that involves in it. So, in short, there isn't any hierarchy in MML. Just responsibilities.

As for the competition, this time we are doing something slightly different in judging n awarding participants, as compared to Bandai's competition style. For this, i will write another post specially dedicated for it.

Because of this unique judging, we insisted not to have online photo judging as we believe, photo will never able to do justice to any good builds. As a result, we have got to find a venue for everybody to display their work, and for the judges to give points to the work.

Venue: Thanks To Animangaki's Generosity

Fortunately, we manage to find Darren Lee Kar Hoe from Animangaki and being extremely generous, Animangaki is willing to share a portion of their space with us with absolutely no charge!!! A BIG BIG BIG Thank you to these good people!!!

 photo 12670823_959882970746712_2975953270845841107_n.jpg

Animangaki is one of the BIGGEST anime, manga, and gaming event in Malaysia, and we r super thrilled to be part of it!!!

The official Facebook Site for Animangaki 2016:

In contrast, it means there will be a space limitation. As we do not know how well the reponse will be, we have decided maximum we will only take in 70 entries. So guys, if you are keen, do it fast, because the slots are first come first serve!!!

 photo 12998514_973749042661672_8952223821107565302_n.jpg

Why Would Us Want To Collect Entry Fees?

There r also people asked me about the entry fee, RM20 we are collecting from participants. Why are we doing that?

First, and most importantly, because of limited space and such, we really prefer taking serious registration. If the response are good, we foresee there might be people who want to join but can't due to the slots are full. At the same time, we foresee some might just register n FFK in the end.

Collecting a fee will, as we hope, eliminate those who "just join with no intention of submitting"

Secondly, we also foresee there will be a certain cost involve, which we believe if asking the admins to bare everything, it might be a bit susah.

That's the reasons we are collecting money, which is something at least pla-zone  are not used to. But i guess we gotta learn about it, especially seeing pla-zone's GB's high FFK rate. :p HOHOHO

 photo 44411_967045666665343_4022483473126590339_n.jpg
 photo 12523981_1059924704068141_2874623263605568694_n.jpg

Sponsorship: You Will Get More Than You Give (We Are Trying Hard!!!)

However, the money the participant pays, doesn't mean the participants just pay some money to join an event without getting any tangible things in return. For those who r curious, lemme break it to you: we have one committee post that is called Sponsorship (the post is held by one reputable facebook group, not sure they want their name mentioned yet).

The reason we havent announced anything is because we want to be 100% confirmed with everything first. Currently we are working hard in gathering material, and we try to hit the target of EVERYBODY joining the competition get some modeling related stuff back. So far, we are working hard on something like RM35 value of stuff. If this went through, not only memebrs can join a competition, they are like getting modeling related stuff with a discount of 40% from these shops.

This is not confirmed yet, but so far, i am very thankful to all the generous sponsors!!!! and not forgetting our sponsorship committee. They r really a bunch of passionate n dedicated modelers :)

We Are Encouraging Newcomers To Showcase Their Work!!!!

Why this time of the year?

Of course, one of the important reason would be Animangaki. We are using their valuable place for the event and that's the date where is hugh anime, manga n gaming event is held in sunway pyramid.

Besides that, it's something to do with GBWC.

 photo 12961484_1059927827401162_7873088181833540864_n.jpg
For date like this, we can almost expect those monsters decided to join GBWC will not have time for this event. In a way, we are also calling for those who are not joining this Bandai event to join us! This is especially benefiting to relatively new modelers, not only the time of the event, but alsoMML judging system. Therefore we hope more newcomers could join.

Come, this is a very good chance to showcase your work to the world!!!!

It's so far I would talk about the event in general.

I am just hoping this event will be a success,so that we can have more events like this, collaboration of Malaysian modeling groups, to benefit the modeling community.

See you guys!!! Whether u r a hero or a villain!!!

 photo 12932731_1061806340546644_8923135800250215693_n - 2.jpg