Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SD 1943 Yamato ShoeBox Diorama #2

Just a little update:

When I first decided to make this into a shoe box diorama, I was thinking of having clear acrylic of glass at the side, not only relying onto lights coming from the front/top panel, so that there ll be more light at the bottom part of the diorama. However I called the idea off as i realised seeing thru the side panel, makes it visually very distracting n complicated.

Therefore I have decided to use frosted mirror at the side, and put some LED as artificial light source.

This worklog is a brief record of how I've done it:

This is basically I plan for the placement of the LED: on the photo frame, shooting the light inwards, reflected by the frosted mirror  for a more evenly distributed light.
 photo P1012154.jpg

Instead of using dry cell bettery, I decided to use live wire battery with a AC/DC adapter. This is the adapter i use to connect.
 photo P1012155.jpg

The good thing about this kind of AC/DC adapter. First, it's cheap. Second, adjustable voltage (to control the brightness :p), third, adjustable positive n negative (Huhu)
 photo P1012163.jpg

Good about this kinda adapter is: no need of soldering. a simple screw lock.
 photo P1012156.jpg

Ta Dah!
 photo P1012161.jpg
The final result is kinda satisfactory :)
 photo P1012165.jpg


Some random picture that supposed to be posted in the previous update.... heheh
 photo P1012145.jpg

Monday, October 19, 2015

SD 1943 Yamato ShoeBox Diorama #1

I have been eyeing on this series of SD kits, from vessels, tanks,to F1, the designs always caught my life. As a result, I decided to try out this kit:

 photo 10256479.jpg

I have used Fujimi's Photo etched set on this kit. Nothing much to mention here coz didnt really took any photo for work log.In short is just attach the PE onto the kit, a simple grey tone.

The main focus of this project is to build a shoe box diorama, with a photo frame, to be display vertically as in the classic arcade game screen shot.
 photo maxresdefault 1.jpg  photo 1943 19.png
Some simple screen shot

 photo P1012118.jpg photo P1012117.jpg photo P1012123.jpg
Some basic color

 photo P1012132.jpg

 photo P1012131.jpg

 photo P1012128.jpg

The base sea surface: I use Vallejo water effect. As for the waves created by the Yamato, basically is just layer after layer of water effects.

 photo P1012134.jpg
 photo P1012137.jpg
 photo P1012138.jpg

After about 4 layers, am using enamel clear to create a slightly different tone. overall is slightly more greenish as compared to the deep water.

 photo P1012141.jpg

 photo P1012141.jpg

Just add a little explosion effect..... looks kinda cacat though.... hoho

 photo P1012144.jpg

Getting ready the acrylic board for the walls of the shoe box dio. The whole thing divided into 3 layers for the yamato, planes, and various effects. Let's hope the different layers will bring a satisfying result....