Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SD 1943 Yamato ShoeBox Diorama #2

Just a little update:

When I first decided to make this into a shoe box diorama, I was thinking of having clear acrylic of glass at the side, not only relying onto lights coming from the front/top panel, so that there ll be more light at the bottom part of the diorama. However I called the idea off as i realised seeing thru the side panel, makes it visually very distracting n complicated.

Therefore I have decided to use frosted mirror at the side, and put some LED as artificial light source.

This worklog is a brief record of how I've done it:

This is basically I plan for the placement of the LED: on the photo frame, shooting the light inwards, reflected by the frosted mirror  for a more evenly distributed light.
 photo P1012154.jpg

Instead of using dry cell bettery, I decided to use live wire battery with a AC/DC adapter. This is the adapter i use to connect.
 photo P1012155.jpg

The good thing about this kind of AC/DC adapter. First, it's cheap. Second, adjustable voltage (to control the brightness :p), third, adjustable positive n negative (Huhu)
 photo P1012163.jpg

Good about this kinda adapter is: no need of soldering. a simple screw lock.
 photo P1012156.jpg

Ta Dah!
 photo P1012161.jpg
The final result is kinda satisfactory :)
 photo P1012165.jpg


Some random picture that supposed to be posted in the previous update.... heheh
 photo P1012145.jpg

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