Monday, October 31, 2016

Olgues (aka Huggy), The Doll With Pin

Hahaha, this is certainly a fun project, a in-between filler project after my Graze. It is not plastics, nor resin. Yes, needles and thread this round

Basically it is a sock.

This is what the packaging suggested that can be build into. Ohh..... how cute the little bunny.....
 photo IMG_20161005_223445.jpg

After a few days of my hard work, it's born. Well, it might not be exactly a role model for characters in Hallmark Channel, but i still think it looks kinda adorable....

 photo PA050144.jpg
 photo PA050147.jpg
 photo PA050149.jpg

 photo PA050152.jpg

Low angle view..... actually basically i have no idea what to shoot and what kinda story i gonna make to make it sounds cool.... whatever.
 photo PA050153.jpg


After a few years of owning my digital camera, due to seriously nothing much to shoot for this project, i explored and for the first time, i utilize the build-in filter and after effect system in my phone.

Not bad. Some soft lens overexposed bridal stuff....
 photo PA050165.jpg
High contrast with lots of moise B&W
 photo PA050171.jpg

I am thinking of do one scarecrow in batman....
 photo PA050172.jpg

Somehow i like this effect. forgot what it is called, some tone down decoloration stuff.....
 photo PA050175.jpg

Well, i wanna write C&C welcome, just not sure what to C&C though. this is just a work log of a super carefree, fast, and relaxing project.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kronos The Harvester (Graze 1/100 .R) - COTT Build Off 2016

Seriously, I have no idea how this project lasted for 6 months, from March 2016 when I got the kit n officially call it of at end of August ... Anyway, as usual, pictures first, talk later.

 photo P9180007.jpg  photo P9180011.jpg  photo P9180010.jpg  photo P9180012.jpg

Overall Upper Body:
 photo P9180015.jpg

Lower Body:
 photo P9180016.jpg  photo P9180017.jpg  photo P9180019.jpg  photo P9180025.jpg  photo P9180028.jpg  photo P9180029.jpg

Left Foot:
 photo P9180030.jpg  photo P9180032.jpg

Part of Front and Back Skirts:
 photo P9180033.jpg  photo P9180040.jpg

Upper Body:
 photo P9180042.jpg

Shoulder & Forearm:
 photo P9180043.jpg  photo P9180044.jpg
 photo P9180047.jpg

Side Skirt:
 photo P9180045.jpg  photo P9180046.jpg

 photo P9180049.jpg  photo P9180050.jpg  photo P9180051.jpg  photo P9180053.jpg

Long Range Weapon:
 photo P9180056.jpg photo P9180057.jpg photo P9180055.jpg  photo P9180061.jpg

Weapon Scythe:
 photo P9180058.jpg  photo P9180059.jpg  photo P9180060.jpg

Back Skirt:
 photo P9180062.jpg  photo P9180063.jpg

BackBone: (a BIG thank you to Kriz for d idea!! :) )
 photo P9180069.jpg

Some other random pictures......

 photo P9180066.jpg  photo P9180067.jpg  photo P9180068.jpg  photo P9180070.jpg  photo P9180071.jpg  photo P9180072.jpg  photo P9180080.jpg


This is a project where i joined the Clash of The Titans Build Off 2016, initiated by Kenny Lim (ToyMaker) & Kelvin Zhang (Mr Dash). The subject is 1/100 Graze from IBO series. Initially was planning to complete it by end May of 2016, which, as usual, deadline is dead, so we gotta make a new one. In the end, i barely completed it by end of August 2016.

Wasn't planning out much for the kit; there r two things i would like to do for this project:
1) Despite i love mecha without feet, i have yet to build one. So this will be the project for that.
2) It is also time to build my first scythe weapon.

Yeah, simple n unambitious as that.

Since the build off is named "Clash of the titans" which to my impression, should be some greek mythology stuff; with a mecha holding a scythe, i just named it as Kronos (Cronus): One of the old Gods, Father of Zeus, the God of harvest.

Oh btw why Kronos? Merely because "K" & double "O" looks cooler than "C" & "U"

For modification, basically just kit bashing . Nothing much to shout about.
Feet- main part if Astray Blue frame's big ass gun
Back skirt - GP01
other stuff are just after market, leftover parts, and modification of both.

Color is the major disaster i encounter.

Initially was trying to get makoto kobayashi's art. It's like burnt metal (which is like a yellowish and darker tone of silver) together with a fade orange- yellow kinda gold (something like champagne gold). The whole thing, in his drawing, looks like all are metallic colors.

- The problem with mixing metallic is, first of all, one cannot see the color in the mixing container; until i really spray them onto a surface.
- Besides that metallic tone consist of metallic flakes and clear color, is very sensitive to the base color it is sitting one.
- Third, even when i got the individual tone looks delicious enough, when i put too colors together, it might looks like some kindergarten project (Well, i have absolute prejudice onto kindergarten kids' work). The tone, the reflective agent, the position of various colors, the visibility of it in different part of the mecha etc etc.

I had spent more than a month, a half pack of plastic spoons (reuse 2~3 times), just trying to get the color combination "right". "Right" doesnt mean what i love,  it just simply means it doesnt look that stupid.

And, for one, professionally i deal with colors, printing.

In the end, i have gone from a camo color scheme which i think is absolutely beautiful and daring, to something safe n "no so ugly". Gold and metallic brown.

And yes, some colors can only exist in 2D paintings and CG drawings.

Well, at least this round i confirm that Gaianotes flatbase is really fine enough to spray onto metallic colors n in a way, u can control the shininess of it. This is something Gunze, which with a much coarser flat base, can't.

C & C are welcome.