Monday, October 31, 2016

Olgues (aka Huggy), The Doll With Pin

Hahaha, this is certainly a fun project, a in-between filler project after my Graze. It is not plastics, nor resin. Yes, needles and thread this round

Basically it is a sock.

This is what the packaging suggested that can be build into. Ohh..... how cute the little bunny.....
 photo IMG_20161005_223445.jpg

After a few days of my hard work, it's born. Well, it might not be exactly a role model for characters in Hallmark Channel, but i still think it looks kinda adorable....

 photo PA050144.jpg
 photo PA050147.jpg
 photo PA050149.jpg

 photo PA050152.jpg

Low angle view..... actually basically i have no idea what to shoot and what kinda story i gonna make to make it sounds cool.... whatever.
 photo PA050153.jpg


After a few years of owning my digital camera, due to seriously nothing much to shoot for this project, i explored and for the first time, i utilize the build-in filter and after effect system in my phone.

Not bad. Some soft lens overexposed bridal stuff....
 photo PA050165.jpg
High contrast with lots of moise B&W
 photo PA050171.jpg

I am thinking of do one scarecrow in batman....
 photo PA050172.jpg

Somehow i like this effect. forgot what it is called, some tone down decoloration stuff.....
 photo PA050175.jpg

Well, i wanna write C&C welcome, just not sure what to C&C though. this is just a work log of a super carefree, fast, and relaxing project.

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