Monday, November 14, 2016

1/1 Ironman Arc Reactor Replica

This is an 1:1 scale Ironman Arc Reactor from Ironman movie. The kit consist of clear acrylic (cut into specific sizes and shapes), various metal screws, brass rings, metal mesh etc. Basically everything, besides the special shape acrylic, can be bought off various electric shops.

I am not really a big fan of Ironman, but i think this looks kinda cool; especially with stand and glass casing, it is actually the one where Pepper gave Stark as a present in the movie.

So here it is. A not so accurate replica (:p) from the Hollywood redition of Ironman.

Front view: Actually the build is pretty simple. Probably the only time consuming part is the orange color metal wire part; where i need to wrap them individually.

 photo PA140182.jpg  photo PA140184.jpg

Side View:
 photo PA140185.jpg

3 quarter view
 photo PA140188.jpg

Light on!
 photo PA140192.jpg  photo PA140193.jpg

Back view: Actually I wasn't too happy with the wire at the back; the red and black really look too Pasar Road wires.... Will definitely change it if i m gonna to make a ver 2.0 in future.
 photo PA140194.jpg  photo PA140197.jpg

Since I am doing it for someone to be displayed, I think the bright light might be a distraction. As a result, I decided to do a little dimmer control just in case he doesn't like the light to be too bright.

A quick one. Honestly, i admit the dimmer really looks bad.... hahahah, though it does function well.

 photo PA140195.jpg

Before and after (With minimum light) comparisons:
 photo PA140198.jpg  photo PA140199.jpg


 photo PA140203.jpg  photo PA140202.jpg

So, that's it. Another project that is pretty fast n fun. I would really appreciate there is any comments to help make it look even better (which I have plan in making a 2nd, upgraded one).

C&C utmost welcome!!

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