Monday, April 28, 2014

Rackham Clone Nefarius

This is a Christmas GB project, for year 2012. This group build is kinda fun and scary at the same time: It's  agroup build where participants randomly pick the modeler he is going to give a christmas present to, and at the same time, receive one from a friend who pick his name. The main purpose of this Christmas Gb is to encourage and give a chance to modelers to try out new genre of kits which he had never tried.

Well, for a person who prefer to build it big, I'd got a war hammer miniature from Kong. Thank you so much bro! Besides that I gotta know that this is a special edition for the manufacturer's 1000th miniature.

This is a white metal kit. basically cleaning is pretty much simple as this is a very nicely casted kit.

For painting, the first time I use Vallejo acrylic for a full kit paint job. Learning about blending, highlight and such. The main mistake (I think) I made is instead of a white color base coat to enhance the game color of the body, I use silver. Yes, when there is sufficient light, the silver base does give  a very vibrant and lively color. However, when light is not abundance, the whole kit looks extremely dull.

The armor/silver part, I use Mr hobby Maziora, duo tone/color shifting, paint. Which the effect is quite subtle, but i just can help to love it. The silver part looks, silver, purple, green, all together in different angle. I did spray a little extra clear color onto certain part to further enhance the color, just that this clear color do not move, appear/disappear as the color shifting paint.

After that, since overall it's not that great of a paint job, gotta do some extra finishing/display to distract attention. Yes, I hv made n put it into a round glass globe.

This is a pretty exciting experience.....

 photo P1010406.jpg  photo P1010410.jpg  photo P1010442.jpg  photo P1010436.jpg  photo P1010430.jpg  photo P1010443.jpg  photo P1010446.jpg  photo P1010453.jpg  photo P1010447.jpg  photo P1010429.jpg  photo P1010411.jpg  photo P1010414.jpg  photo P1010415.jpg  photo P1010426.jpg  photo P1010422.jpg  photo P1010427.jpg

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