Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Confession Of a Bootlegger

 photo hs.png
 photo elyn3536213_624209664259559_850891718_n.jpg Too often, there will be war in Facebook; war knocking on keyboard, about original vs bootleg gunpla kits.

While they r pretty entertaining to read, and occasional put oil into fire n see the flame explode again, there s something very interesting about bootleggers (Well, these r names they call each others, the opposite camp s bandai purist or something).

First, i must make it clear that i am not a  purist. I am guilty of buying n building unlicensed products; mainly are aftermarket base, weapons, or in general, products that uses copyright images as packaging, & recast of out of production resins etc.

While i am a user of unlicensed products, I know I am guilty. I know well I am doing something that is not being fair to the original licenser though i can find a thousand reasons to justify my action. Oh well, this is the part i find interesting about many bootleggers.

 photo Mecha-Base-78910-B01-00001.jpg During any discussions/argument/keyboard-war, I just cant help but to notice how bootleggers are actually feeling the guilt of their action, feeling inferior about it, trying to convince/lie to himself until he seem to be completely believe it. Especially when they try to find reasons/excuses to justify their action: buying a pirated copy.

So what would one say when they r confronted for supporting bootleg? I ll list out the following three, which i think r the stupidest among all, with my version of explanation how ridiculous these reasons sound like:

"I can't afford the high price of the original"
This is ultimate bullcrap that deserve a big "FUCK YOU" followup with a "HAHAHAHA" as response. While a bootleg is probably 1/4 or lower of the price of a original, when u see a bootlegger owns30~40 bootleg kits n say they cant afford the original. This is not about the question of being affordability, it about being cheap n greedy. U might own lesser kits, but if u do respect all the effort the design n R&D team has put in in making the kit available. But NO, u prefer to have your 20 kits n not supporting the people who make it happen.

"Bootleg, if u wanna brush up your skill"
For a while I couldn't even swallow this, as the statement is so dumb.I dont think Lee Chong Wei will use a RM5 china made wood racket during training to boost his skill to another level; nor will Lewis Hamilton driving a Chevy pickup truck in training for the same reason to win him 2017 Championship too. Same for skill in modeling, i dont think the same methodology will work too. & people are quoting this, recommending this to others as if they truly believe it. Maybe they do, after too many times telling themselves.

"Gunpla if FREEDOM"
Well, sometimes i m not even sure the "freedom" they r saying means that winged gundam in Seed series. Honestly, this is ultimate facepalm; so bad one can have a palm plantation on his face n start having export of palm oil to earn his country some extra income. I am not having any explanation on this as i dont even know how to.

 photo Rf_Xp_Cvr.jpg As a bootlegger, my reason is simple: I am freaking CHEAP. 

When I first have this realization is at one time I was building a diorama base which in total, I need to use 6 pcs of kotobukiya mechanical chain base. I was counting: 1 pc cost about RM50 in Mlaysia, 6 boxes will cost me RM300. Being a natural cheapskate, though i know i can ultimately afford it with a tight budget that month, i d decided to go for china made, look almost similar, cheapskate people version of it: which cost about 40% of the original's price.
 photo dmnoir-800x800.jpg
Yes, my reason is being cheap. At least, I admit it. I am not standing on a moral high ground, n i dont deserve to be on it. However, while i thought i am the lowest life form in plastic modeling, i realize there r these people who dont even want to admit the real reason of their choice in choosing their model kits.

This is like the awkward moment when a sewer rogue or a embezzler sees another fellow member saying they steal to save the world.

Probably provide more laughter is a way of saving world. I think this part, at least they do.

P/S: I try to write something about the purist too, which i find equally childish n funny; but since i m not a purist, it is quite hard for me to write without prejudice.....

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