Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/12 Ducati Panigale 1199 Group Build

This is a small group build by a bunch of friends who somehow would like to build this Tamiya nicely done kit.

As a result:  (Hohohohoh!!)
 photo fb-cp1.jpg

After 4 months (with one month extension), from October 2016 , finally I would conclude I have completed this project. My previous bike kit is almost exactly one year ago's Zuzuki Gsxr 1000 Hayabusa.
Again, motorbike kit proof to be really a challenge to me, despite Tamiya's has been really good in making excellent kits.
Overall, the kit is just beautiful, simplified in a way which i have no complaint (Maybe except the battery XD), n the accuracy of parts is just top notch. Just that parts are a little too well fit BEFORE painting, which means i gotta sand down many places to make them looser before I proceed to painting.
After painting fitting is way too heart pounding experience to me though, especially doing a clean build, hi gloss somemore, needing to use quite some force to assemble the cowling is just way too scary.
This round I have invested quite a bit in after market, which normally the most i use is one set of PE part, I have used a Tamiya front fork detail-up set, and a top studio photo etch set.
Overall, I think i have done pretty much what i am capable of doing now, though i can easily see there r so much rooms for me to improve on my next build.
Stupid mistakes like mis alignment, losing small parts etc still occur.
Anyway, I am glad i have finally finished this. Not a very good build and i will continue to learn n improve. Any C&C are welcome!!!

For more photos of completed works:

For Work in progress photo:

 photo P1222437_1.jpg  photo P1222392.jpg  photo P1222418.jpg  photo P1222426.jpg  photo P1222430.jpg  photo P1222433.jpg  photo P1222412.jpg  photo P1222401.jpg  photo P1222410.jpg

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