Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Animangaki 2014

This is an event held in Sunway Convention Hall last weekend (9th & 10th August 2014). We have the honor to be invited to set up a booth/table for display for Gunpla community.

Well, it's all about anime, manga, toys, pretty much everything alongside of this subculture from Japan.

I would like to thank the team from pla-zone members: RennyD, Zero1st, Becky Customizer, Mr Engineer, Zapzai, & Phoon. Yeah, I rather address them as their forum nick than real name. It's Animangaki afterall, ain't it?

Especially to RennyD, for taking up the task of the organizer of this event, and had done a pretty good job!

Basically, we just jaga our spot,while most of other times just hang around the hall, buying goodies, chatting with people we met in forums & facebook, seeing new faces (more often with "Oh! u r so-and-so!! Nice meeting u finally!"), playing ichiban kuji (一番くじ -, and of course, loads of taking photos of cosers!

To my surprise, i found quite a big number of 偽娘(*wikipedia); for a country that is pretty conservative. However, the most fun came from people, especially, guys who r homophobic. The facial expression is just priceless! XD

Overall, despite of being really tired for the setting  up n cleaning up, I must say I really enjoy the 2 days!

Some photos from the event:

 photo P10101022.jpg  photo P10100772.jpg  photo P10100752.jpg  photo P10100703.jpg  photo P10100692.jpg  photo P10100952.jpg  photo P10100932.jpg  photo P10100562.jpg  photo P10100652.jpg  photo P10100332.jpg  photo P10100342.jpg  photo P10100192.jpg  photo P10100082.jpg  photo P10100442.jpg photo P10100452.jpg  photo P10100482.jpg  photo P10100492.jpg  photo P10100112.jpg  photo P10100502.jpg

Ok our own pla-zone coser..... Well, at least we tried.... :p
 photo P10100572.jpg

 photo P10100262.jpg photo P10100282.jpg  photo P10101032.jpg

Pla-zone members (Front from left: RennyD, Becky, Rayloke. Back from left: Zapzai, Neo_Sigma, Zero1st). We missed Mr Engineer. Engineer, where art thou?
 photo P10101272.jpg

This is more like it!
 photo P10101292.jpg

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