Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back To Basic GB - Wing Gundam Ver KA (Snapfit)

We had this GB 3 years ago, named " Back to Basic Group Build", which consist of snapfit n OOB categories. The purpose of this GB is mainly just, without stress, we find back the basics of our hobby, happiness.

I joined the snapfit category, and this s my first attempt in building a fine snapfit kit. Bandai's static model kits comes with plastic with colors; mainly for the hobbyist with lesser time to build their kits without painting. For me, this is an eye-opening experience. I realised to build Bandai's kit without coloring is totally a different set of skill required, from the usual painted kits I do most of the time.

One of the hardest part is to handle the plastic, especially the ones with darker tone of colors, with extreme care. This is because once u hurt the plastic, it s distorted, u cannot get rid of the whitish color on the plastic anymore. For a snapfit kit that one wants to avoid the nip marks visible, this is crucial.

I had made a simple work log on the handling of the plastic:  .

Overall, it took me about 2 weeks to finish the kit. snapfit n a layer of flat/matt top coat. Unfortunately, on my kit, there r still a few imperfections, a few visible white parts that r where the nip marks were. Besides that, because of my buying habit, many of my kits are pretty old, well, a few years old. For the plastic, a few years is nothing; but a dry transfer decal, it can be a killer. I was having some hard time with dry transfer decal provided in the kit n actually break some of them.... T.T

However, the best part of working on a snapfit kit is, well, u can play with it! XD


These are some random photos i took during the build. Not much to say, and not much point to make it into a wip....

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