Monday, July 14, 2014

Love Thy Family......... ?

First, read the article by clicking on the photo:

This got me thinking....

Culture values change all the time; monotheism, prostitution, monogamy, pre marriage sex, homosexual etc. (Note: no judgement is being put in any of the above mentioned as in the context of this post) There were conflicts, but, in the name of human rights, many has been accepted.

I have my own set of value system, but i dont judge. For example, i practised abstinence but i make friends with people who don't. I don't agree the act of homosexual, but i love all my gay friends like all of my heterosexual friends.

Now, Incest, an act that was practised in the past but later 'd become a taboo especially when religions started to shape values systems in cultures, of many places. Honestly, it definitely is outta my own personal value system, but, how am i gonna face with the people who involve in such act?

I gotta make it clear: case of incest i m talking here is not one that involves rape or any form of unwillingness on either one side. What I mean here is two people loving each other, and decided to stay together.

Many practices n values, faced fierce rejections or even violent treatment when they first started to pull themselves out of the dark. Seeing sunlight s nvr been easy, especially some, they faced brutal and cruel reaction from the society at their time. Maybe this topic is just a little ahead of our time now, but, seriously there are people practising it n facing tremendous pressure and fear in our current time.

I am a nobody in this big herd of the world and i don't believe i can make any revolutionary changes to the world. Even if I did, as the purpose of this blog, first at least i have gotta make clear of one thing: What is my attitude towards such act? Such preference?

Just to put a picture in our minds before we even want to consider testing our value boundaries: mom and elder brother are in love of each other. They decided to get married, form their family, and produce children of their own.

Would you give your blessings as u have given to your sisters in her wedding last year?

Yes, I am using the word "pushing boundaries" because I am still a person who holds a lot of traditional values (means value system that is passed down by my elderlies and developed ny myself through my journey of life and experiences). I m not judging, i use such words outta instinct.

Again, i must emphasize, this is not a courtroom and not for putting judgement on such act being "right" or "wrong", guilty nor innocence. This is just something to ponder over, and try tapping on the boundary of our value system.

Yes, to me, is just a light tapping n i feel trembling.

What's your opinion?

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