Monday, May 18, 2015

Pla-Zone Resin Group Build Gathering @ ICW 16th May 2015

As usual, Jeff Ho would initiate a resin Group build every start of a year, and I really respect that.

This year, the gathering date was set on the 16th of May 2015, location ICW. There are indeed a few very eye catching kits, with pretty advance painting technique applied.

These are some of the photos i manage to get:

 photo P1011732.jpg photo P1011733.jpg
 photo P1011735.jpg
 photo P1011734.jpg  photo P1011723.jpg  photo P1011768.jpg  photo P1011737.jpg  photo P1011752.jpg  photo P1011761.jpg  photo P1011751.jpg  photo P1011738.jpg  photo P1011740.jpg  photo P1011781.jpg  photo P1011730.jpg  photo P1011741.jpg  photo P1011742.jpg  photo P1011743.jpg  photo P1011745.jpg  photo P1011747.jpg  photo P1011750.jpg  photo P1011748.jpg  photo P1011762.jpg  photo P1011763.jpg  photo P1011776.jpg  photo P1011778.jpg

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