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* MITEAM: A short form of the phrase " Modeler IThe Eyes of A Modeler". This is just a simple blog based on my personal view to pay tribute and respect to fellow modelers who i know as personal friend.

Name: Jeff Ho

Pseudonum / Nickname: Jeffho

Usual Genre: Gunpla, Resin Figurine, Sci-fi,

Description: This is actually a friend i am always very proud of introducing to others, or simply being recognized as a friend of him. He is in fact the first modeler who won the World Champion title among peers from my batch!

 In terms of skill, personally, i would see Jeff the the most consistant and stable. Every piece of work he produce, especially for competition, there is always some eye opening thing. As a matter of fact, in many occasions, he does set up a benchmark of me to reach.

Overall, his vision and design sense in modifying a mecha is just top notch. Clever, skillful, and seamless kit bashing is something i always look upon to and wish i could be half as good as him. Besides that, there is something i admire about, which i m currently learning n practicing is: he is an explorer of possibilities in materials and technics; and most of all, a good planner for his projects. His usual trend is, for the beginning of the year, he will engage in some other projects, like resin builds, or some smaller Gunpla builds. At the same time, after knowing him for quite sometime, I realize he is actually using this time too for exploration, research, and testing of new stuff: either techniques or material! He seldom stay idle!

He has used materials that none has even thought about, he has tried techniques that none of us ever tried. In the end, all these will be incorporate into his big project of that year. As a result, his project always have a new gimmick, something new for me to admire. Be it clean build or weathering.
 photo jeff Zeong06.jpg photo jeff Zaku01.jpg photo Jeff The-O00_zps8f0d4e96.jpg
As a whole, Jeff has good sense of mecha design, the skill to properly execute it out, the courage of experimenting n exploring new techniques n materials, patience to plan, being outspoken n helpful; seems like he is perfect in every aspect. Of course nobody is perfect. If there is one tiny little picky thing i would like to comment about his previous project in general, I would say it's his diorama's composition.

I feel that is because there r some of his diorama, while the mecha is just mind blowing, eye popping kind of beautiful, i think the diorama/vignette setup that pulls down the impression overall. Although the final works are still really high standard works, I would think those can be even better is the diorama wasn't setup in such a way.

Just an example: Once he did a stunningly beautiful kit bash of HG, MG, and PG Zaku. That Zaku I would say it falls in the top 5 list of my all time favorite mecha design. However, when he was composing the diorama, where a supposedly puny n weak n doesn't stand-a-chance GM trying for his luck to fight the Zaku, he'd chosen an 1/100 MG GM for the job. For me, although the Zaku is still much larger in overall size, once the 1/100 GM is in, it immediately reduce the threatening impression of the obviously overpowered, oversized Zaku. In other words, it just make the Zaku looks half weaker.

This is just an example, solely based on my personal opinion.

Anyway, having such a modeler friend, I believe i will still continue to have the privilege to admire eye opening stuff from him, which he will never fail to do.

 photo jeff Psycho01.jpg photo Jeff Kshatriya08.jpg photo jeff RX-7803.jpg photo jeff MK2A.jpg photo Jeff The-O03_zps76d052a7.jpg

Website:  I do not know he has any blog or website for his work. This is his Facebook link:

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