Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Dream Catcher

As it is, the Ojibwe people's dreamcatcher.

According to its believers, the dreamcatcher changes the dreams of its owner; only allow the good ones go thru into its owner's sleep while filtering n capturing the bad ones in its web-like net, until the first ray of the morning comes.

This is, however, a little different from the idea of naming this blog.

In modeling, we r all having fantasies, dreams, and ambitions when we first hold onto a model kit. We have this passion n urge to build it as to what we have in mind that usually got us all excited. Sadly, what usually happened is, we give ourselves a lot of reasons in giving up on making the dreams into reality. The dreams in our head, probably die n rot in our head too; maybe some will remain immortal there. Sound as romantic as it is, but the real is, it sucks when that happened.

A dreamcatcher blog, to me, is more like a dreamcatcher that catches the good dreams. Not as easy as it seems, but it is what it does. Result might be way inferior than what we had in mind initially, but at least, we put in effort, tried our very best to make what we have in mind to become reality.

I m talking about plastic model kit building here, a hobby with tons of fun yet with its fare share of blood n sweat.

Yes, today, i announce the birth of The DreamCatcher Blog: An epigram of my modeling work.

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