Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zoids Penguinassious - WIP

This is a project in 2010 where initially we just want a fun n easy project where we could get it done fast, which in the end it'd really gone outta hand.....

Basically the concept is to make the core fighter into a non plane-like machine. Yes, I dislike plane... :p

I dont really have a proper work log for this project. Just some random photos....

Original, this is the core fighter for RM78-2 ver 1.5 if I m not mistaken. Well, just a space craft.... boring....

Turn the head halfway as it's transforming into a core block.... Doesn't i look like a bird?
The photo on the left is the inner frame preparation to insert the feet.

Just find a pair of fist, dunno from which robot toy, cut off part of it, and it kinda look like bird claw. Test fit, I think is good enough to cheat thru....

Huhu....... yes, it is, TAIL! HAHAHAHA!

Mecha Mode (Land)

Hyper Mode (Aqua)

Hyper-Attack Mode (Aqua)

 Yeah, This is pretty much a dumb project for a good laugh. :D

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