Thursday, January 23, 2014

2011 XGB-Ma.K Wip

Basically this is more like a painting log, mostly recorded painting process.

 photo PC155991.jpg photo PC155989.jpg photo PC155982.jpg photo PC155981.jpg photo PC155978.jpg photo PC155975.jpg
1. First, did some texture, mostly rust onto surface before spray
2. Black
3. Enamel hand paint the rust. These color will be revealed once the main body paint is being chipped off.

 photo PC175998.jpg photo PC196001.jpg 
1. Overall spray a layer of hairspray. Once areas that I want a total chip off, i use hair gel. Both these 2 material can be easily dissolved by water later.
2. While the hair spray n hair gel still wet, sprinkle salt on it. This round i m using ENO for the size is much smaller than the salt I have :D

 photo PC196002.jpg photo PC196003.jpg photo PC196004.jpg photo PC196011.jpg photo PC196014.jpg photo PC196016.jpg
Did a 3 color soft edge camo, and a yellow stripe. But i think i have chosen the wrong color as though it looks realistic in real, for photo, really hard to capture it as bright.

 photo PC226026.jpg photo PC226028.jpg photo PC226029.jpg photo PC226030.jpg photo PC226033.jpg photo PC226038.jpg photo PC226044.jpg photo PC226049.jpg photo PC226052.jpg photo PC226053.jpg photo PC226056.jpg
Basically this is before adding the "Mud"........

 photo PC155995.jpg photo PC206024.jpg photo PC206021.jpg
Change the pose of the girl. Added the running water hose....

 photo PC226060.jpg photo PC226061.jpg photo PC226062.jpg photo PC226063.jpg
Testing out the final layout of the vignette.....

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