Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Kitchen

Since the music box, this is, again, a multimedia kit set by China. Not top notch quality, but a fun to build set.

 photo P1011135.jpg  photo P1011140.jpg  photo P1011143.jpg  photo P1011142.jpg  photo P1011136.jpg  photo P1011138.jpg  photo P1011148.jpg  photo P1011160.jpg  photo P1011156.jpg  photo P1011153.jpg  photo P1011152.jpg  photo P1011149.jpg

Basically, the kit consist of wood, clear acrylic, cloth, paper, ropes, rubber, plastic beads, etc etc. Pretty much everything is pre painted, which means if just building it out of box, all i need is just a scissors n cutter (white glue provided in the kit)

I just added a little here n there to make the whole thing looks a little bussier.

And it's hanged outside my room in ICW.

  photo P1011163.jpg

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