Friday, September 19, 2014

Old Boys Group Build: PG MKII O.L.D. Wip 3

Ok basically it's not much of a close record of my work in progress; just pretty much an overall photograph of the initial add on for this project.

Basically, just added 2 back pack, extra booster/stabilizer stuff, a left-hand melee weapon with a double blade, and a right hand long & mid range weapon.

Everything is pretty much just use scrapped parts and second hand kit bought from others. Not much of design, just put everything together. Sigh......

(Worse! some of the photos are really out of focus... @~@)

Right Hand Weapon - Use MG Rezel Commander Big @ss gun as main skeleton. Added with Bandai stand, some unknown shoulder armor n saravee parts.
 photo P1010510.jpg photo P1010509.jpg

Overall front view. Oh yeah, the grey thing behind is not some nig @ss propellent tank, it is my table lamp
 photo P1010512.jpg photo P1010514.jpg

Back Pack: Saravee's feet and main weapon
 photo P1010521.jpg photo P1010518.jpg

Weapon's length as in relation to the mecha  (I would love it to be longer though)
 photo P1010515.jpg

Back view
 photo P1010523.jpg

Left Hand Weapon: Double Balde Melee Weapon (with thruster for extra thrusting power :p)
 photo P1010516.jpg photo P1010517.jpg

More Bakc view (?)
 photo P1010524.jpg

Overall top down view:
 photo P1010525.jpg photo P1010526.jpg

Ok, this is pretty much everything I have currently. Progress has been really slow. I really need to readjust my time between the workshop and my modeling time.....

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