Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hoi Hoi San x Tomb Raider ver.

Ok, as usual, pictures first, talk later.

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This is a project I have had for years; not because that it's such a hugh project where i need collect tons of material, ok, just being lazy.

Initially I was only planning to use the Hoi hoi San with heavy weapon kit, which i bought over from tkting with a very nice price (Thanks bro!). Since the early version of Tomb Raider wasn't wearing a singlet anyway. The main difficult part is to modify the torso part: where the flesh revealing shoulder joining the upper arm. If I were to make it movable and look fitting n natural at the same time, I realised it was not exactly a Sunday walk in the park.

Fortunately, last year I found a young version of Hoi Hoi San during Gamer's Arena sale. The kit consist of costume of a high school swimsuit (I can use for the singlet/tank top), a movable abdomen (A better flexibility, and maybe give her to reveal some flesh near the belly like during the late 90's fashion), a gym short pants (much nicer compare to using the original underpants, and easier to to scribe lines too), and a half height socks (perfect for modifying into the upper part of a boots, yet show a little white socks). This seems to be the perfect kit, which just make my days so much easier!!!!

Finally, a hybrid of these 2 kits.

The two hand guns are scratch build. didnt put much effort in them. As long as they fit the standards of a fun project.

This round, 3 layers of skin tone, both pre and post shade. All the other items are just preshade.

The glove is just masking n spraying different color to create the impression.

The boots, a big mistake. I am using the socks, modify it to become the upper part of the boots. while the bottom part of the boots, i use the original hoi hoi san shoe, which I supposed to test fit and modify them to fit; which i didn't. Actually now it looks like this tomb raider is wearing a brown slipper, worse, a too-large-slipper. The show lace is soldering wires. the metallic looking eyelet for shoe lace is just metal transfer.

Another big problem I had during this build is the joint. Since all the joints are actually Ps plastic to PS plastic, I need to really make them loose first, then tighten them again after painting. make them really loose! Which i didn't. Assemble proved to be a challenge, changing position is a nightmare!!!! and i have broken a joint doing so!!!!

Overall, I am satisfy with this project. Satisfy not because of the level of finishing, satisfy because I finally make my vision into a real thing.

P/S: A big thank you to Klay for giving my the treble fish hook!!!!! Yes, Lara Hoi Hoi San can climb now!!! XD

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