Friday, December 23, 2016

Tamiya 1/6 Honda Dax

This is a project to join Age of The Innocence GB; expected to be completed within 2 months time. The main challenge is to find a kit that's produced before 1980; meaning for all the "imperfection" based on today's standard is either be tackled or (preferably ignored Hahaha). The main point is to just build a kit as when we were still at that age of innocence: solely for having fun.

However, due to unexpected work load, and failed in "taking it easy", i couldn't meet the deadline.  two saturdays later, here i present you this, probably the last completed kit for 2016:

Tamiya 1/6 Honda Dax (1979)

 photo PC220071.jpg  photo PC220017.jpg  photo PC220013.jpg  photo PC220037.jpg  photo PC220090.jpg  photo PC220086.jpg  photo PC220061.jpg  photo PC220147.jpg

 photo PC220014.jpg  photo PC220008.jpg  photo PC220038.jpg  photo PC220082.jpg  photo PC220079.jpg  photo PC220009.jpg  photo PC220039.jpg  photo PC220050.jpg  photo PC220007.jpg  photo PC220078.jpg  photo PC220060.jpg  photo PC220045.jpg  photo PC220025.jpg  photo PC220056.jpg  photo PC220054.jpg  photo PC220022.jpg


Other Color Background

 photo PC220097.jpg
 photo PC220100.jpg  photo PC220102.jpg  photo PC220105.jpg  photo PC220110.jpg  photo PC220114.jpg  photo PC220119.jpg  photo PC220123.jpg  photo PC220125.jpg

 photo PC220139.jpg  photo PC220151.jpg  photo PC220149.jpg  photo PC220148.jpg  photo PC220147.jpg  photo PC220133.jpg  photo PC220132.jpg

This is quite a wake up call to me: especially on how good the kits i am currently building. There are so many things i have had taken for granted.

However, I am still gotta give praise to Tamiya. For a kit that is engineered and produced in 1979, i must say Tamiya is way ahead of its time. Though there r steps that i have seen better way in execution, but all these long lost stuff had brought back so much memories :)

There is one major thing about this kit n the process in making it i would like to highlight here:

Decal. This is the first time I deal with such waterslide decal. The carrier film doesnt look thick, and it is as fit as possible to the printing area, but the decal just feel strange. It has this stretchy feel of it. To me it is more like the ink used.

 photo PC220021.jpg The printing  image is excellent, just the ink feels a little thick. Thick in a nice way. I really dont know how to describe it but this is definitely the type of decal i can let it be at the final layer anytime.

Probably of its ink chemical, this round the decal, despite being relatively new, cracked after lacquer wet coat, with a few layers of mist coat before that. So gotta be extra careful with decal like this.

Another i would like to briefly mention is that the reason i always leave some original chrome while most other i washed away n repaint with acrylic chrome paint. This is basically to fool the viewers' eyes. Normally our eyes pick up the more eye catching ones and tends to form an impression on it. I am just not in the mood of typing long art n color theory; but just as a reminder that a lot of things that deal with visual, we can work smart instead of always work hard.....

Other than that, basically this is just another OOB project i had my share of fun n pain :)

C&C welcome!

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