Friday, May 20, 2011

I Have A God

I have a God.

The relationship between us should have been closer than it's, now.

He always give me a reminder of His existence, not by any other thing, but loads n loads of gifts n presents. So many of them that makes me feels embarass on how I repay him all this while.

Sometimes, many times in fact, His gifts are not only fulfilling what I need, but more than what I had expected. It always surprise me in a very nice way.

Just like today.

And yesterday; and the day before, and many other days that I could remember.

That's probably the main reason I m looking forward to tomorrow so eagerly.

Because I have a God.


  1. Your acknowledging him and his gifts are thanks enough IMO.
    Thats the funny thing bro, god gives people his blessings and they never recognize him for it.

    Thus is the reason you will keep being blessed.