Monday, July 4, 2011

1/48 Unicorn Head - USB Hub

This is a kit built for Ebasenet ( Head Group Build 2011.

The basic concept is to combine these two together:

 Yes, am making a unicorn head into a 4 way USB 2.0 Hub.


So, generally, as expected, there's not much of an action pose :p.

Color: Basically all Gaianote color. The white, like the previous unicorn i did, also knowing the pearl effect will magnify any errors on the surface, I did a flat white with rougher pearl as base coat. After that, I use the finest pearl as finish coat. The effect turns out to be pretty good; at least isn't too much outta my expectation.

Modification: Besides adding in the USB hub, basically all i did was just adding some minor details n some spare parts to cover up places I had sawed off. This is also the main reason why i could do it in quite a short period of time

Well, the thing I afraid the most is whether the hub actually is working or not, after all the cutting, redirecting of wires, changing of LED, masked for spraying of paint etc. Luckily all 4 ports r doing fine.

Overall, this is a pretty fun project, didn't provide much problem as i expected. Hope u guys like it:)


  1. wow! shinny unicorn head!
    simple modification but great visualization and perhaps satisfaction too!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words!! :)