Friday, June 24, 2011

MetalBox Metal Boy Series - SD Getter

Actually started working on this kit quite a while ago, very simple kit, with total of 6 parts, original Metal Box kit high quality resin. Supposed to be a very easy n stress free project before I start something heavier for year end project.

However, it has taken more time than I expected.

This is mainly because, again, I had initially treated this like it's an injection kit. Looking at it, I was very ambitious, thinking of making it to look like a metal/chogokin kinda finishing. However, after a few rounds of sanding, aside from the normal removing mold line n such, and priming, i realised to achieve a metal-like finishing, probably it would take me a blurdy month just for sanding n surface treatment.

Basically, I have no idea on how to go about doing a log or a wip for this. Have loads of photos, but majority of them r just photos of sanding, primed, visible unevenness yet to be tackled, sanding again.....

Quality Check standard lower one level: result? I m starting on painting now.....

Just sprayed black on areas with metallic color later. Metallic color would be silver, titanium, dark iron/gun metal.

The eye n face part would be black --> silver --> clear green. These would be the only part that will be in gloss. (Oh yeah, just remembered, due to i m not going to tackle all surface smoothness, instead of gloss finish which is very unforgiving for mistakes, i have decided to go for flat finishing)

Huhu, log of a lazy modeler; one who is good in finding excuse for easy way out :p

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