Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Coming Home

Yes, I still think Diddy's "Coming Home" is one of the worst rendition in recent months. J Cole's lyrics's still ok, but the rapping by Diddy really suck big time.

Oh, yes, I'm bias. For being a fan of Holly Brooks/Slylar Grey; I think the song (Or part of the song, the melody done by Skylar) deserves a better treatment. As a result of such bad redition, it gives the impression that this song is "incomplete" and leaves a strong urge in me to find a so-called "complete version: I was searching the net for at least a demo verysion done by Skylar herself.

Unfortunately, unlike another of her brilliant mega hit song "Love the way u lie", seems like she hasn't done any complete version of this song. The unfulfilled hunger got me dig in deeper, to somewhere usually i dont really fancy: fan-made version.

Surprisingly, there'r a few that caught my ears; despite that might because of I was getting a little desperate in searching. Here, I would like share what I've found with a my two-cents-worth of opinions. Sit tight n enjoy yourselves:

1.  Jenna Anne - Though the lyrics is not really my cup of tea, I think the lyrics doesn't goes well the the original song, I think the melody fits very well with Skylar's chorus. Yes, it does fit very well, as if the song should be this way if it's written (Of course, if Skylar would have written it, her version would be slightly darker.)

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