Friday, July 8, 2011

MetalBox (Metal Boy Series) - SD Getter

Last year's visit to Japan's Wonder Fest Summer 2010 proved to be a deep cut to the wallet. For a Malaysian who's not used to original resin and its price range, it's such a mixture of pleasure & pain visiting that event, especially, when compared to injection kits which are 2,000yen~4,000yen, original Japanese cast resin generally cost around 9,000yen~15,000yen.

Hence, I didn't get many of those "1 day WF limited licensed" resin kit. In fact, as a cheapo, what I got was this kit that's selling all year long n got a special discount during WF. It's like exactly opposite of most people that visit WF.

This is a kit by MetalBox which I really love. An SD that posses egg shape. The cast is very good, all details are there, relatively not that much of extra flashes n "sand hole" (air trapped in the resin), and most importantly, which is one of the hardest part in resin kit to tackle, the panel lines r pretty clean. Yes, majority of the panel lines r above average standard.

Again, photos first, sharing of work later:

Blue Background


Some Hand-Itchy, so called "Special Effect" artwork (Actually I just tweak with gamma, brightness, contrast, sharpness, n a little bit of color)

Looks a little bit like 3D computer graphic....


Again, when I was working on this kit, again, it took me some time to shift from the mentality of dealing with an injection kit to a resin kit. For resin kit, especially due to the mold is actually soft compared to a metal injection plastic mold, there'r quite a lot of "flaw" in the eyes of injection kit builders, but are pretty much acceptable in resin kit.

This is especially enhanced in dealing with mecha, or any metal/solid subject that has very sharp n crisp edges, and straight lines. Organism is better; in fact i kinda like the slight round n uneven edge of an resin kit compared to a very rigid n uniformed ones in injection kits.

Besides that, was trying to make a glossy finished kit that looks like chogokin kit. However, due to many surface finishing issue that I didn't tackled well, in the end, use flat to help cover.

Overall, this is not a kit i m most proud of, besides the fact that I had quite a good time working on it.

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