Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ZeroGunz's Group Builds (2nd Half of 2011) - Part 3

We had the Weathering Vs Metallic group build the 1st half of this year, which was a GB based on final finishing instead of kits. The GB's got a pretty good response and members are actually learning new stuff from it.

Hence, we are now doing something similar again: Diorama Group Build 2011 (DGB)

As its name suggest, this GB focus on various diorama building n construction. Members are encourage to think n share of ways to recreate terrains and all the small props we see in real life. Besides that, the planning of overall layout, and story telling  will also be an important part of this GB; which is a part often overseen by modelers.

Again, this GB doesn't focus that much on individual mecha/character building n modification. Instead, the construction n planning of the entire layout for storytelling is the main purpose of this GB.

Official GB start date*Begins*:
- 1 july ~ 11 nov ( 4 months )

- trying out on diorama
- learning how to build diff types of diorama terrain
- base or diorama is equally important as the kit it self

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