Saturday, November 16, 2013

1/6 Honda Magna 50 wip #2

After spending lot's of time in experimenting, especially on the chrome part, finally i went back to the fun part of modeling: the usual stuff! Hahahaha!

Quite frequently, there r people who post this question, especially those who has real experience in dealing with compound.
"How to u clean, and make sure all the leftover, dried compound on the model kit is removed completely?"
I heard there r many ways n tools suggested ... Well, when I first started, i was told toothpick, and toothpick only. However I could nvr 100% clean the parts, especially those with a lot of place to hide.
Actually the answer, for tamiya compound user, is water. It can be clean 100%, easy n fast, and water seldom will cause micro scratches on your kit.

P/S: the solution at the bottom is not soap or detergent. After I spray, i dont wash with detergent anymore. no point.
Before washing: yeah those trapped in tight space like the rivet are very tough to clean without water...

Yeah, clean,

Some shots on the body. IT's always fun to compound and seek for the perfect reflection :D

Some Chrome Shot....

Side mirror: This is also another thing I tried. Instead of paint, I try Hasegawa's self adhesive mirror finish silver foil.
I wont say I 100% love it though....

Tyres. I simply love synthetic rubber tyres.
Normally I will brush a little pastel powder onto tyres. I like how it makes the tyres look more realistic.

Another problem from this old kit..... yeah, decal that has already decomposed. lol
Since the Jaguar MKII project, I always keep one bottle of this in my workshop.
USA product. easy to use n the result is pretty good. Of course u cannot compare to a brand new decal...
At least the important ones safe.....


Some random shots:

That's all for this project. Thanks.

For part 1 of the wip: Honda Magna 50 wip #1

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