Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aerobase 1/100 Graf Zepplin

Aerobase is a wonderful Japanese company that produce some highly accurate photo etched model kits. Their kit look really good, but the best thing is, they are surprisingly easy to work with.

This is a project I did for 2013 Aviation Group build, a joined group build organized by SMM forum (Official SFTPMS forum) and Pla-zone forum.

Had fun with this. Some might find the appearance of this kit is kinda... complicated, if not intimidating :p but I can assure u, this is easy as hell. If u think this looks good, 99% of the credits goes to Aerobase.

 photo P1010718.jpg photo P1010716.jpg photo P1010712.jpg photo P1010702.jpg photo P1010701.jpg photo P1010700.jpg photo P1010700.jpg photo P1010708.jpg photo P1010710.jpg photo P1010724.jpg

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