Saturday, November 16, 2013

Love in the name of The civil Wars

From the 2013 remake of Stephen King's Carrie, besides Chloe Grace Moretz being way too beautiful, the real gem of the movie to me is to get to know this country duo group: the Civil Wars. 

Normally I do not put much attention into country and folk music. However, again n again, I realized I m attracted; helplessly being pulled into. Might be my chinese ballad music background..... . 

From Tori Amos to Lana Del Rey, n now to The Civil Wars, it's inevitable I m evolving from my New Age/minimalist music.........

Guys, do check this out, is definitely one of my favorite in recent months.

I would recommend to watch this video as it comes with the lyrics.

Unless, u really wanna watch the original MV:

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