Saturday, November 16, 2013

MG 1/100 Hyaku shiki Raiden Dash

This is a project pretty much solely on testing of the pearl powder effect.

 The idea I got is from a Hyaku Shiki I saw featured in Hobby Japan. Really love the color - it is basically white n blue. The blue part, the modeler coated it with purple reflective pearl powder. As a result, where there isn't any hi light, the color looks blue, while wherever there is, it turns to purple.

 I used the pearl powder from Wave, which I realized, while its finest creates a smooth surface, is a little too fine to create a drastic effect. Adding more will cause more decoloration. It's a challenge to strike a balance. 

In the end, I used a much stronger n darker tone of blue, let the whitish pearl to make the final appearance lighter.  photo 21931222-overall1-1.jpg  photo 76529745-eye1-1.jpg  photo 53693422-mistake1-1.jpg  photo 82684540-leg2-2.jpg  photo 373711063-back2-2.jpg  photo 88090243-leg1-2.jpg  photo 62366813-eye2-2.jpg  photo 19177992-photoshopred1-2.jpg  photo 285330106-spear.jpg

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