Monday, November 18, 2013

Tamiya 1/6 Honda Magna 50 - Test on Alclad II Chrome

This is a project for Metallic VS Weathering group Build in ZeroGunz forum.

WIP can be found here: Rayloke's DreamCatcherWIP Archive

There r several problems encountered during the build; from Chrome to water slide decal. However, I gotta pat my shoulder n say good job. Am pretty proud about the whole thing.

Here: would like to thank My Hobby supplier for sponsoring their thinner.

 photo ironman2.jpg  photo P2183941.jpg  photo P2183942.jpg  photo P2183944.jpg  photo P2183945.jpg  photo P2183959.jpg  photo P2183961.jpg  photo P2183963.jpg  photo P2183964.jpg  photo P2183966.jpg  photo P2183969.jpg  photo P2183970.jpg  photo P2183974.jpg  photo P2183975.jpg  photo P2183980.jpg  photo P2183981.jpg  photo P2183984.jpg  photo P2183986.jpg  photo P2183987.jpg

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