Monday, December 9, 2013

DX SD Unicorn

I first saw this in HongKong and really in love with this kit's proportion.

Is by a China company, labeled DX.

A midget proportion, transformable (Unicorn & Destroy Mode), and an extremely simple n easy lighting setup. It even comes with two sets of clear runners for the psychoframe.

However, the building process isn't really the best. The transformable design makes it even worse.

Done in a month time. After finish, I must say the finished kit really makes me think all the trouble is nothing!

 photo Untitled-3.jpg photo P1010742.jpg  photo P1010743.jpg  photo P1010734.jpg  photo P1010731.jpg  photo P1010760.jpg  photo P1010726.jpg  photo P1010749.jpg  photo P1010748.jpg  photo P1010727.jpg

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