Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tamiya 1/24 Jaguar MKII Racing

This is a very old Tamiya kit, yes, old.

There are several problems encountered during this build:
1. The decal was a total lost. Luckily for 1950's there were not much of sponsors for racing. In the end I had gotta use decal recovery fluid to save the decal. This cause another problem which s the decal had become very thick n gloss coat cannot cover it 100%

2. The clear part, especially the bigger ones like the front n back windscreen. It cause very distorted images when look through it. But there s pretty much nothing i could do about it....

3. The chrome part. Tamiya is famous for its beautiful chrome. However, if there s any reason u need to wash them off, it's hell, especially if u need to remove the inside layer too. Luckily, it took me some time, n i couldn't make it 100% clean, it looks kinda alright in the end, with the help of Alclad's chrome.

Other than that, it's basically Tamiya's great model kit. Is very fun to build, accurate, though for AMS modelers, it might be too simplified.

Hope u like it! :)

 photo P1011696.jpg  photo P1011689.jpg  photo P1011667.jpg  photo P1011665.jpg  photo P1011666.jpg  photo P1011688.jpg  photo P1011684.jpg  photo P1011683.jpg  photo P1011676.jpg  photo P1011680.jpg  photo P1011672.jpg  photo P1011671.jpg  photo P1011677.jpg

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