Thursday, January 2, 2014

2011 Infinite Creation Workshop 12 hours Ironman Marathon

Yes, as the title, we had this crazy little event in ICW few years ago.

Basically the time is within the first 15 days of Chinese New Year, a Friday night, from 7pm last till 7am on Saturday morning. Doors are closed, visitors allowed, take away food allowed, but participants are not allowed to leave the premises.

Oh yeah, a straight 12 hour locked in the workshop, besides working on plastic models, one are not allowed to bring his own gaming device, nor other form of entertainment; yes, no computer games.

A laptop is provided and shared for everybody to use, for uploading photos n updating status. that's all. Drinks n food are allowed..

Honestly, I think the time passed pretty fast and everybody had a great time; well, as i would love to believe so :D

Just some photos to remember such crazy time for friendship n bonding!

 photo P2183929.jpg  photo P2183926.jpg
The night's still young, everything was still tidy n comfortable....

  photo P2183931.jpg
7pm sharp. Start of the marathon.


Participants, well, everybody seemed hardworking n concentrated.....
 photo P2183938.jpg
and his brother, Chrome.

 photo P2183933.jpg
Matsudak (Jac)

 photo P2193990.jpg
KWS (Shaun)
 photo P2183988.jpg
Genoside (Daniel Foo)

 photo P2193991.jpg
MountRev (Damian)

 photo P2193992.jpg
Kirin (Chris)

  photo P2194003.jpg

 photo P2193993.jpg
Zero1st (Shermen)

Some guest arrived to give motivation......
 photo P2193989.jpg
Hyaku Shiki (Azizol)

 photo P2183932.jpg
Z3r0713 (Ivan) - Nice guest, helped to patched up our Core fighter Diorama after brought back from HongKong.....

The highlight of the night! Yeah Mc Donald delivery boy... TOON!!!

 photo P2193998.jpg
Yeah, he was being welcomed.... i mean his McD...The guy on his left is Danny

  photo P2194000.jpg  photo P2194001.jpg  photo P2194002.jpg

Later part of the nigh....3~4am
   photo P2194004.jpg  photo P2194006.jpg  photo P2194007.jpg  photo P2194008.jpg  photo P2194018.jpg photo P2194020.jpg  photo P2194003.jpg
Well, looks like majority were still doing strong....

Hmm.... mebbe some starting to crack..... 
 photo P2194011.jpg
Our lovely Sleeping Beauty.....


For me, So far I had done the photography for my Magna 50 project, and started working on the Daihatsu Copen....
   photo ironman.jpg  photo P2194012.jpg

Our Penang friend, Julius Lim, though he couldnt be with us physically, he was having the same marathon in our northern island.
This s his work for the night:

Lovely work. He awed us with his wip update of photos. For his completed work, do check out:


Well, it is almost 7am......
   photo P2194017.jpg

& see somehow everybody still looking pretty ok..... :p

 photo P2194009.jpg 
a little stone....  photo P2194010.jpg  photo P2194022.jpg
A little KUKU

 photo P2194023.jpg  photo P2194024.jpg
The jaga-gaya duo......

Finally we had made it.... everyone still breathing, that's good....
 photo P2194029.jpg

C'me on, give us some energy! 

 photo P2194030.jpg


P/S: I just can't help but to put all his photos together..... The laziest poser for photography.... CHRIS SIA! (Photo from different time of the night)
   photo P2193992.jpg photo P2194005.jpg photo P2194021.jpg

Such a lovely time! wait, shall we do it again? :p

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