Monday, December 30, 2013

Wave 1/24 Sakura War Kobuf

This is a kit I bought years ago...... Well, not the Bandai standard, but still enjoy myself building it.

Try on Hi-Gloss finish, with some metallic colors, and real metal parts.

 photo z-P1010641.jpg  photo z-P1010690.jpg  photo z-P1010687.jpg  photo z-P1010683.jpg  photo z-P1010668.jpg  photo z-P1010666.jpg  photo z-P1010663.jpg  photo z-P1010660.jpg  photo z-P1010640.jpg  photo z-P1010644.jpg  photo z-P1010657.jpg  photo z-P1010635.jpg  photo z-P1010594.jpg  photo z-P1010595.jpg

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