Thursday, December 26, 2013

2008 BAKUC: SD Football Group Build - Plan

Hahaha, just found these stuff out in a folder. These are basically drawings when we did our planning. Pictures after pictures, we drew n posted n discussed in the forum.

That is the age of innocence.....

 photo task8j.jpg  photo task11j.jpg  photo task10j.jpg  photo task9j.jpg  photo task7j.jpg  photo task6j.jpg  photo oldmannzero1st2j.jpg  photo box1j.jpg  photo map1jpeg.jpg  photo oldmannzero1st1j.jpg  photo task1j.jpg  photo task4j.jpg  photo task2j.jpg  photo propose21jpg.jpg  photo task12j.jpg  photo task5j.jpg  photo task3j.jpg  photo propose1jpg.jpg  photo 1stfinalised1.png  photo g4.jpg  photo g5.jpg  photo g3.jpg photo g1.jpg  photo g2.jpg

Hahaha, somehow this picture is in the folder which i dunno why...... :p
 photo sd1jpeg.jpg

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